check engine light - egr lift sensor (honda accord 96 lx)

ggalvDecember 18, 2011

My 1996 Honda Accord LX, was turning off on me all of a sudden when I was driving. And it took me about a minute or so to be able to turn it back on (it felt like gas was not circulating). A mechanic determined that it was the distributor because when the car turned off on him, he determined that current was not going through the distributor when trying to start the car again.

When he installed the distributor with the cap and rotor and checking the timing of the car, he mentioned something regarding the spark plugs/wire not giving a constant burst because the timing light from his gun was not consistent. He tried it in another wire and mentioned it was the same, OR that it might be that his gun was malfunctioning. He then fixed the timing and mentioned that it was fine.

A day or two later, the EGR Lift Sensor Engine Check Light came up.

I am trying to figuere out if the EGR Lift Sensor is defective and if by replacing it, my car problems are solved. Or if somehow a faulty distributor can affect the EGR Lift and cause the EGR Lift Sensor to show in the Check Engine Light.

I have been driving my car for a few days already, and it has not turned off on me, as it did on the pass.

Really Appreciate Your Help.

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Egr valve can stick open and cause motor to stall. Old cars used vacuum to operate egr valve. Newer cars have electric solenoid operated egr valves. Not sure what ur car has but all can stick. Not to say ur ignition issue is main problem or just 1 of ur issues.

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It turned out that a hose was not connected - this might have happened when the mechanic was trying to figuere out what was wrong with the car when it was turning off on me. THANKS.

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