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bmmaloneDecember 11, 2012

For the second year running, some animal is getting under the hood of my cars and leaving the remains of acorns. Yes, I know it sounds funny, but last year it cost me $$ to have some wires replaced where the animal had eaten the plastic coating. Any ideas on how to stop this animal from setting up home for the winter under the hood of my car? FYI I live in Atlanta - and winters are not that cold here!

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The usual animal eating nuts under the hood of a car is a squirrel. Squirrels are associated with acorns. Their digestive system is adapted to handling the toxin in fresh acorns whereas humans and several other animals can not. The toxin must be leached out for human comsumption.

Other animals eating nuts other than acorns under the hood are mice and chipmunks. Mice have been known to build nests in the air cleaner and stuff it full of seeds.

This problem has come up on this forum several years ago. Search the archives of this forum to see if any solutions were found. I don't recall specifically what has been tried or the results.

You could try a bag of moth balls or other animal deterrent.

Occassionaly, I have found the remains of black walnuts on the engine of my Jeep, but thankfully so far, no damage.

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I googled > how to stop squirrels from getting under my car hood *&%$#! Squirrels Under the Hood of My Car

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