Found my own Christmas present

kaliningDecember 4, 2007

Check this out. I found 2 flathead Ford motors within 40

miles of my home. Pre 1932 21 bolt and possibly a 1953

24 bolt motor. Completely intact and whole. Were running 4

years ago. 21 bolt motor rebuilt but never run. Here is the best part. $150.00 for both. Hope to pick them up

saturday. I've spent 4 years in an engine rebuild shop and

have rebuilt about 700 flat head motors but have never owned one. Even if i mount one on a stand to run it it will

be fun because my rich brother doesn't have one. I am so happy but can't wait to see what goes wrong to screw this up. I don't have good luck or any luck but hope this turns

out. With my luck the 150 dollar price will find another 0

Now that would be my normal day. Just thought i'd share this with all the car people out there.

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You found two flat-head Ford motors withih pickup distance from your home - Wow! And both were complete. Santa was good to you this year.

You mentioned that the 1932 one was pre-1932. You can't get much earlier than 1932 before the motors become Model-A, 4 cylinder. (I'm assumimg that you are referring to a V-8 for the pre-1932.)

My memory is hazy about that era of Ford, but it seemed to me that Ford may have brought out a Model-B for a very short time in 1930, then stopped production. The Model-B was an updated Model-A. Chevrolet introduced their smooth running and more powerful 6 cylinder passenger car with hydraulic brakes. This spelled the end of sales of the Model-A with mechanical rod operated brakes. Ford stopped production and rushed the deployment of his V-8 that was in development. I thought that the first year for the Ford V-8 was 1932.

As I understand it, there was a time gap between the Model-A and the V-8 where Ford had nothing to sell. Ford had been reluctant to adopt hydraulic brakes - His thinking was that all braking was lost with a single failure anywhere in the hydraulic system.

Let us know how your engine finds turn out. The pre-1932 one may be rare.

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Very hard to tell by looking at a picture but on second look the flathead in the picture could be a 36, not 32.
Been a long time but i think the model B was 32 -33. Then
the model C was 33 only. Model 18 was 1932 first V8.
the 1 in 18 stands for first and the 8 in 18 stands for V8.
Remember what i said about my luck. The guy now wants the
first offer OVER $150.00 for both. Yesterday he wanted
$150.00. So now it starts. don't know what the 24 bolt
motor is but if it is 49 and up i have parts for my Merc.
The 1950 ford car came with a flat head 6 in U.S. only. My
friend had one and had a hell of a time tring to register it. It didn't exsist in the D.M.V. books in Canada.

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**The guy now wants the
first offer OVER $150.00 for both.**

So, go give him $151.00 and bring 'em home. A few young people, like me for example, have an appreciation for old things like that. I suspect most people including car guys look at them as good for boat anchors at best.

Go get them while the getting's good!

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The guy phoned yesterday. Looks like i got them both. He has two extra carbs for those motors. They alone are worth
over $150.00. Hope to pick them up saturday. Feel like
choking this guy. He GAVE AWAY a 34 ford coupe to a museum.
He thinks the 21 bolt motor fit that car. Don't know if he gave away the car without the motor but i think he did and got the 21 bolt motor after the fact because if the motors wern't sold they also were going to the museum. The older motor was rebuilt and run 3 years ago. Made the mistake of telling a friend of mine about these motors. He wants one. NOT. He is the kind of guy that wants something new or a new toy he just writes a cheque. He ain't getting a motor. He can get his own. He can actually buy a new one with the vehical if he wants. Actually he did. He bought a running restored 1945 ford half ton. Yes i said 1945. It was built for the army. When the war ended the leftover production trucks were sold still in army green to the public. The 21 bolt motor fits that truck. That is the motor he wants for the same price i payed after i go and get it. I don't think so. I'll just keep it a secret. Kind of looking forward to getting these old lungers. I remember hearing them run on the dyno after the rebuild. Man are they quiet. We ran them on natural gas and 180 degree water. It took too long to get the temp up on natural gas compared to gasoline. You couldn't even smell them while they were
running. No fumes.

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When I was in grade school (way back in the 40's) my teacher and her husband had a pair of Ford V8s: A 1936 and a 1938. The 1936 was 60 hp and the '38 was 80 hp, and yes, there was a difference in performance!

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