I took some pictures of Ansel Adams.

oldalgebraFebruary 16, 2011

Well, not him exactly. I took them of his table.

It will be Ansel's birthday soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ansel Adams Dinner Table

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What a nice tribute table. The lantern boxes are super, I'm adding them to my to do list. I love the large black and white plaid it really does set the mood. I'm enjoying your tribute tables here lately.

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Love this t'scape, OA! Ansel Adams is such a "master" of B&W photography & a man whose connection to nature educated the world w/his photos...great admiration for his work!

Your adaptation of Martha's 3-sided lanterns are WONDERFUL! What creativity, OA! You do rock! Really cool additions for your centerpc...vintage camera & film!

Placesettings in B&W...napkins, dinnerware, stemware...very fitting & the canister nametags, cute! Enjoyed this t'scape! TFS, OA! Jeanne s.

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OA..I love this Tribute interpretation to AA...another one of my favorites...A true 'Artist With A Camera' and a Master of his craft. Love the MS Lantern and the Old Camera and Film...all the Black & White accessories add to the 'Drama' of this Table making it so wonderful.
I always enjoy your TS ...
I think you missed your calling as a 'Set/Prop' designer!


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Wonderful and well thought out.
I love the old camera and the film.

Another Oh SO Amazing table.


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Denise, your tables are the greatest. So beautifu and interesting. I love how you made the pictures, added lights and shared instructions. You rock my world with each one you post.


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OA Another absolutely Amazing table! I'm keeping this short in case I get bumped off again. Don't know what happened it's frustrating.

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OA I believe you are very bit as talented and creative with your TSs as AA was with his photography. Wonderful job with those lanterns at first I thought they were Frames for digital pictures.

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Your creativity never fails to amaze and delight me.
hugs, Karen

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Well, KEWL!!!!
You did a great job and I like the lighted frames!!
Thanks for the link,

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Thanks, everyone. The lanterns worked out much better than I ever imagined. And so cheap!

I already had the LED lights, which is the big cost, of course. Otherwise, everything else is free. I'm going to order two more LED sets, as I think I'll make a few red lanterns for our Fourth of July party, using pictures of Washington, minutemen, the Liberty Bell, etc. No, better make them blue. I think darker frames might work better. Or do you think it doesn't matter? I'll have to experiment with that, I guess.

I see a lot of possibilities. Honestly, they DO GLOW!

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This is really nice. I love all the little touches you do so well, OA! The black stemware, the checked placemats, the wildflowers, and the great old camera. Since you said the camera was inherited, it would be an interesting blog, if you knew much about who had it,and what pics they took with it. Go girl!


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