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silver2December 14, 2005

Friend of mine has a 1947 Olds Woodie wagon. Good shape, used in the movie Stanger in the Kingdom in 1999. Probably needs some restoration, does not sound like much in that area. It is a V-8, only about 700 of this model produced.

Wondering if anyone can offer a ballpark figure of worth? Or refer me to a good source of information.


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Thats a cool looker. Probably looks like this...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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here' was something close

1950 Oldsmobile Deluxe Woody Wagon, Sorry this car has been SOLD! showing 38223 Miles, $14,500/OBO, ... was shiny!

Watch out for Nigerians buying with checks that take a month to bounce.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodies for sale

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This link shows it as being worth $20k - $65k. Auto trader has what I'm sure is an over restored show quality car like it for $84k.

Here is a link that might be useful: nada

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Did the Nada, but it only lists a 6, and she says it is an 8 flathead. Everything is original, from what I understand, except for the movie use, they put a different set of tires on it. And the lugs are on the inside of the tire instead of the outside, so they were unable to put the regular tires back on it. Takes a special tool to get the lugs out or a lift. Also thought due to the fact it was used in the movie, it might add to the value of the car.
Thanks for your help.

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The value would be enhanced if you could provide documentation showing that this car was the one actually in the movie such as a framed playbill or a photo from a movie frame showing this car. The photo showing the wheels would be good since it had unique wheels. This feature helps to idenify this car from the several hundred others that were made.

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