Val Bath Decor + Floor Progress

jeannespinesFebruary 8, 2012

I'm in 'low-gear' in getting everything put back tog ...but am making progress, slow but surely. ;-)

Here's a new area rug on the new laminate floor looking at the end of the living room area & towards the dining:

If you 'squint' your eyes you can see that I have Val-decor started on top of the buffet! We got all the furniture back in place (thanks to our kids/gr-kids) & DH cut & worked on trim...we needed more trim w/laminate floors! Finished it up today!

And, of course, guess who else likes the new area rug! I was on my computer last night & came back out to living room...she looks pretty comfy, doesn't she...drug her bed right out there!

Anyway, I took a few minutes to at least have some Val-Day decor in the bath! I've enjoyed seeing you 'Holiday-ers' Val pics lately! So here's the sink/shelf/mirror area:

My 'catch-all' basket on the counter under the shelf...the heart box are rose pink soaps I got at TS for $1 ...last yr, I think.

Close-up of the boy-girl vase (pink) from my collection:

(the pitcher is really white/creamy color...I changed the hue so you could see the details better on the vase)

Here's the BOP ... I love this cast iron boy/girl & use it there alot ...the heart box I shared as a TS find just recently:

And added this 'potted shrub' & added some tiny red heart/beady strings:

I hope to have everything (in the kitchen, dining & living rooms) kind-of back to normal by the end of the month!

;-) TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Looking super, Jeanne!! The floors are beautiful, and I definitely LOVE that area rug you chose. That one would be MY choice too. I think I've seen photos of it when looking at area rugs online, or one awfully similar. That is so darn cute your 'pup' drug her own bed out and put it there.
LOL, adorable. She's really happy I'm sure. I don't think dogs appreciate hard floors like humans. ;o)

Your Val decos are off to a sweet start too. And I saw my china cabinet's twin, again, in that first photo. Too bad I can't twin you on the sewing table. Love it.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne..your floors are looking beautiful! I think you'll always be happy that you made that change.
I know from past labor pains, when all the hard work is over -
you'll soon forget and just enjoy the end results!
I'm so happy for you.
I think you made a perfect rug choice and by the looks of your furry friend..I think she's loving it too!

Your Valentine decorations are already looking good.
I always love seeing your boy/girl vase - They're so sweet.
Did you make the white pitcher in Ceramics? Looks like one I made many moons ago. I always loved the shape.

I know your anxious to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, but try to get some rest in between.


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Thanks, Karen & jane! LOL @ our twin china cabinets...mine is the 'Old Mother Hubbard' version ..."when she went there, the cupboard was bare..." LOL!

The laminated floors are so diff after having carpet so many yrs...I love the looks ... but I keep sliding furniture around (on felt pads) & need to get carpet gripper for the area rug cause when Nellie starts her prancing the rug moves all over the place! LOL!

Been looking at lots of rugs stores & online ...brought this one home thinking it would look good yesterday & I loved it! I painted behind those shelves (that rusty color) ...same as I painted 4 or 5 yrs ago...takes a long time but liked the darkness cause I fill up the shelves w/books & photo albums & I started filling them back up.

I do take lots of rest breaks, jane...thank you...& I do love the floors ...worth it all! so I hope punk & luvs can go ahead when they feel like starting a 'big' project! Some of the other 'holiday-ers' on here got me movin' when they shared pics.

More Val decor to come (I hope)...Dollbaby needs a change...she's been sitting on a pile of books in the bedroom for 2 weeks! LOL! Thanks, ladies! enjoy your comments! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, the more you share, the more I drool! The furniture and rug are turning it into home again. Glad you got your painting behind those shelves finished. That went faster than I would of thought.

BTW, Great choice on your new rug. So modern looking and goes so well with the curtains. Glad to see your pooch is looking so comfy too. Too funny that she drug her pillow out to the new rug. Guess she claimed her new area.

I think your teasing with the Valentine decor on the buffet.LOL However, it gives us something to look forward to when you share this post.

Your bath decor is lovely. Love the little ones and wht pitcher. Super buy on your rose soaps. So pretty all decorated in pink and white. The little heart box is perfect in the bathroom.


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Jeanne, that was a big project, but it turned out so good! Yes, I imagine your pup misses all the soft carpeting, but she sure found a way to solve that didn't she? Looks so cute and comfy all curled up there. ;o)

Your new heart box goes perfectly with your bathroom colors, and I love the little figurine each time you share it.

I don't imagine your cupboard will stay "bare" for very long--just takes time to get things all put back doesn't it? I'm curious, where did you put everything while the floors were being done since you did more than one room?


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Jeanne your new floors are beautiful.
I know you are going to enjoy them,
The area rug is perfect, I'm glad your pooch likes it
I love the Valentine decs you put in your bathroom.

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Thanks, punk, luvs & nana ...

luvs...we filled up the spare bedroom, some in my computer room (formerly a small bedroom) & the porch was loaded chairs & rocker & parts of tv center went downstairs in family room...quite a chore & quite cumbersome...but out of the main living areas!

My DH built that big tv center some yrs back but we still have our honking BIG heavy monsterous tv it needed to be heavy duty. Our tv was HD ready when we bought it 10 yrs ago has a great picture yet ...we will get a flatscreen one day when old one quits & DH will be happy never to lift it again (it takes 3 people about!) The book shelves were built by a carpenter friend back in early 70's when house was built...they are aged & battered by the yrs but I LOVE them!

jane...I did make that lil' pitcher in we share another pc! ;-)

Oh, those boy-girl vases...remember I've collected those for quite some time ...they have a lil' 'heart' for a motif on the vase part & they have really never been identified as to 'who' makes them! (from 1940' or 50's I think from researching)...I have the aqua blue one, too:

Well, I've rattled on...thanks, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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You are a true romantic decorating the bathroom!
Very sweet!

Your new floors looks good. We did that in the basement a few years ago when we finished it. Very easy to keep clean too!
Enjoy them!

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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful floors Jeanne! I know you're glad it's about done too so you and DH can relax a little. Love your bathroom decor...the sweet boy and girl statue is so cute. Everything is looking wonderful!

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Everyone else has pretty much said everything!
Looks fabulous and certainly worth the effort.

The valentine decor is lookin good too!!


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Thanks kathleen, marlene & candy for lookin'!
Am making progress couch is 'old' but I love that yesterday I chose some fabric & am getting it recovered next excited about that!

Appreciate your kind words! Jeanne S.

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You'll be surprised to hear from me on this forum! The rug is perfect and everything looks beautiful. I am anxious to see it in person.

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I think nice flooring makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Don't you just feel like you have a completely new space? I bet it feels bigger in those rooms too.

I like your collection of goy-girl statues. So sweet.

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