Thermador Freedom Columns

gabethanMarch 8, 2014

Would love some advice on these separate units! I'm leaning towards a 30" of each refrigerator and freezer. I have been looking at Thermador because it is a few thousand cheaper than Sub-zero. I also like the idea that it is essentially the same frame as Miele. My one worry is reliability and Thermador customer service since I have not had any experience with Thermador. THANKS!!!

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I have nothing to say other than I'm about to do the same thing (30" fresh, 18" frozen). I've done a ton of research here and other places, and the bottom line is that people with BAD experiences post about them, but not many people post about how HAPPY they are with something as "appliance-like" as a fridge. Besides, they revamped the line in 2012 so there isn't much to say about the current offerings from a longevity standpoint anyway.

That being said, I'm buying from a large and trusted local source who i expect to stand behind them as much as possible. Also, I'm not letting my wife "split" the units like she wants just in case we ever need to replace them with something else. A 48" (or 60" for that matter) opening should be standard enough that we hopefully shouldn't have to modify cabinets down the line if we were forced to replace them in the future.

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Hi! Yes, I am on the same page as you. I hope they are a good choice! I really like the layout and lighting. I agree most people usually only post bad experiences. I purchased a floor model Wolf range despite it not being a favorite on this forum. Best of luck to you!

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I don't have a Thermador freedom but I have a Gaggenau 18" freezer unit. I love the Gaggenau unit but will not recommend the 18" unit. I would prefer the 30" freezer unit. The bins in the door impact how much you can pack into the freezer. In retrospect, the 30" unit would have fit my needs better. Take items you normally put in the freezer to the store to make sure they fit.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice homepro01! We have a separate freezer that we plan to put in a nearby pantry so we should be ok, but that's good to know.

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I have the 30" fridge, 24" freezer at opposite ends of the kitchen. 4 years old. Excellent product. Here in DC - land of PEPCO, with endless and lengthy outages - these products hold temp for days. Nothing spoils! I love them. I bought an extended warranty but (knock on wood) they are trouble free so far.

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I had the 30" fridge and the 18" freezer. Absolutely loved them, no issues whatsoever in the 3 years or so we had them. I would highly recommend them. We were torn between Sub and Therm. I am sure both are great, we just loved the clean lines of the Thermador. I would recommend a larger freezer than 18" if space permits but if not... still a great unit. Go for it!


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Thank you so much for the feedback!!! I'm so excited to have them in our kitchen!

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