Master Bath reveal

phiwwyMarch 14, 2013

At long last, the roman shade is up so I can reveal. This is my first try embedding pix in a post, so hopefully it will work:

The wardrobe just outside the bathroom:

Steam shower:

My 2 niches:

The new, more practical faucet spouts:

Let's see if this works then I'll post more details.

Ivory supreme granite
Marble mosaic by Jerusalem Heights - Manhattan basketweave
Fixtures - Rohl and Hans Grohe in polished nickel
Lights - Hudson Valley sconces and Crystorama chandelier.
Steam unit is thermasol.
Kerdi shower pan and waterproofing, thanks to GW!
Towels - Target Fieldcrest luxury, thanks also go GW.

We are loving it! Thanks for all of the great advice and help from GWers. Will work on posting pix of the other 3 baths now.

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Oh my WORD, how I love your room!! It's absolutely stunning in every detail. What a beautiful job you've done with choosing your materials and finishes. It just exudes luxury and refinement.

I particularly love your vanity... the showstopper granite, the high marble hex backsplash with the awesome trim molding, the brilliant polished nickel faucets... It all works beautifully together. Your upper cabinets and valance and the way you've integrated your lighting are just so well done.

Edited to add that I also love the tile pattern on your's an interesting design that complements your other elements without competing with them for attention.

Truly, my new favorite GW bath. I can't wait to see your other bathrooms!

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More LOVE!!!!! I can't believe you took space from this room to make the 1/2 bath into a full bath-- this bathroom is huge! Gorgeous!

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Your bathroom is gorgeous!

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What a fantastic remodel. The tile work is exquisite and I love how the tile changes around the room (accents in the shower, back splash and floor) but goes so well together. The shower niche is great. Beautiful job.

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So pretty! How long is your vanity? And what toilet is that?
Love the backsplash and decorative tile in the shower!

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Beautiful. Nice choices and great execution. The sconces are sexy!

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I want it!!! That is amazing in every way!

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Beautiful! Classic and timeless and brand-new all at the same time!

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Really lovely. Congratulations!

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I love the contrast of dark and light. Very elegent!

I like the lightsin the vanity valnce. White size / type of lights?

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Very sophisticated. Really nice at the vanity, with those great looking faucets. Is that one of the faucet choices with a shorter spout? It looks perfect with your pretty granite. The wall color couldn't have been better chosen.

The spots/cans coming down onto your vanity are nice. Are you happy with the lighting intensity combined with those way cool sconces?

Nice window shade. I am in the process of digging up my old Sunset Window Treatment book, from decades ago, so I can make a roman shade for my one window. Yours is perfect.

The floor has an subtle yet interesting detail and adds just the right amount of interest. Please tell us what that material is:)

True elegance!

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Great job! I had a steam shower in my last house with a bench like yours. You will love it!!!! Healthy lungs and skin!!!!! Who made your cabinetry?

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Thank you so much! this bathroom was tough. We first found the accent tile we liked, and since it's a steam shower, wanted to minimize the amount of natural stone which helped save some $ too. Next we found super white granite, then couldn't find the right slab. Then we found this ivory supreme, and the vanity piece broke on installation. So the vanity top comes from a different slab. More drama - the faucet spout was too big for the sink, and the holes were already drilled. So I bought 2 new spouts (yes these are shorter and have a 1" shorter reach).

Anyway, then we found the gray floor tile. It's Mirage Slate Gray. When it first went in, the vanity base was in and the walls were already painted, I was very nervous about how dark it all was. then GWers talked me off the ledge so I kept it, and love it all! Once the trim went in and the doors were all painted bright white, it looked great.

Not really shown in the pix is a small closet for a stackable washer/dryer - which I love love love! That's also where the steam unit lives.

The toilet is Toto guinevere with a washlet. Another story - we started with a different toilet (American Std) and the washlet looked ridiculous on it so back it went.

The recessed lights in the vanity are Lightolier halogen - I forget the size but I think 4" tops. A great choice as they really make the faucets and counter sparkle.

The sconces are fun, yes and I love the little crystal ball accent (the most bling DH would allow in the master). Hudson Valley - Rockland Collection. I originally found them on Houzz. The light is pretty good. If I were super concerned about makeup it would not be ideal, but with the width between the towers being a little over 5', I couldn't really fit a 3rd sconce.

That vanity is 8' and a few inches. The towers are 15" - bare minimum for extra towels, fine for everything else. The outlets are in the towers fyi.

Yes I love the steam! So does DH, he surprised himself.

Lastly the shade - enduring, it came from Carroll Fabrics but Smith and Noble has the same fabric. I wanted a cordless and Carroll does those. The fabric was the easiest decision I think (after looking at a dozen different ones). I like the softness with all the hard materials.

Thank you again!

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ahh thought the toilet looked familiar, Guinevere was on my short list, but ended up ordering Lloyds as DH liked the look a little better. Are you glad you added the washlet? I'm divided about one. But might loose the towel warmer for one......

After looking again at your pictures I just noticed you ran the subway tile up and down. Love that! I'm not a fan of the traditional subway look, but will add this to my idea file.

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Love everything about this bathroom (and your kitchen!)

What is the total width of your vanity - we are thinking about our master bath and are looking for ideas - I just clipped this one!

Thank you!

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Thanks for the info on the shade. I am getting my materials together to make mine. Haven't decided on an exact style yet. It will be roman flat fold, but if I sew it at the folds or not is one question.

Again, great job on your beautiful work in all your rooms.

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Wow, I'm not usually a huge fan of granite but that is absolutely beautiful!! Wonderful job!

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Stunning! I've never seen that granite before and it's beautiful! Looks great with your backsplash which is also fantastic.
I love all your tile choices. Can you please share the specifics on the shower field and floor tiles?
Is the shower threshold and base of the niches made of the ivory supreme?
What color are you cabinets, walls and trim?

I love the wood over your mirror and will be stealing that idea for my MB which still has the late 1980's dropped soffit with fluorescent tubes under translucent panel. Ugh. Thought removing the soffit would be the way to go...until I saw yours!

Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, that granite was tough to find, especially since most of the slabs had fissures. Because of that, the fabricator had a very tough time making thinner pieces for the threshold, etc. So, the base of the niches are not that granite - they are carerra marble.

The cabinets are Dover Woods in Beluga stain. That was a tough one to find - a stain with gray /black tones vs brown that was not a custom color. Walls are BM Cape May Cobblestone. Trim is BM Super White.

The shower field tiles are Imola creme. Floors are Mirage Slate Gray 12x12 and 2x2s in the shower.

a2gemini - the total width of the vanity is 8'3".

Thanks all!

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Love your master bathroom phylhl! I am also planning to go with a dark vanity and slate gray floors. I am very nervous that it will look too dark and cave like. My vanity is antique black with a white carrara top. My floors will be a slate gray in a 12x12 stacked pattern. The frameless shower will have the same slate floor in 2x2 with light gray (pumice) subway tiles. The bathroom will have lots of polished nickel for bling. I also plan to use Hudson Valley sconces, but not sure which one, possible Aberdeen or Rockland.

I keep staring at my sample tiles in the bathroom and getting a bit worried. I feel better that you mentioned you were nervous too, but went for it. I hope my bathroom is as beautiful as yours. I keep going back to your pics for reassurance. Does the gray coordinate with your adjoining bedroom? I am hoping the gray color scheme will be ok with my maple wood and beige bedroom.

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It sounds like pretty much the same palate - so you can see with the end result it's not dark looking. I was mostly nervous about the wall color but am so glad I kept it. Gives some warmth to the room, vs a lighter, colder gray wall. No, it doesn't match the bedroom but it coordinates just fine. Mine is more beige too. But the feel/mood is the same.

Good luck! Can't wait to see your finished bath!

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phylhl; if you get a spare moment could you pleae upload all your gorgeous finished bathrooms to the finished bathroom thread?

Thanks so much!!

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Great job, Phylhl. I have a question about the glass shelf in the shower. How thick is it? Is it starphire glass?


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sure - the glass shelves are 3/8" thick - tempered glass and yes, they are starfire.

For those considering - there were 2 tricky things. one, the glass was measured against the waterproofing, which was orange (kerdi). And the white tiles on the sides, cut to hold the shelves, were red inside. So they had to paint the edges of the tiles white and use whiter cement or mastic at the back, since the shelf was setting against the backer, not the tile.

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A question was posted above regarding "washlets." I consider mine to be indispensable and would not live without it. We built our house in two phases and are almost complete now. We lived in the main part for the past two years with one bathroom that will become a guest bath. We installed a Coco bidet seat in that WC and will leave it there. We are now completing a master and another guest suite and will install another bidet seat in the master.

Most of our guests won't use the washing features of the bidet, but they all like the heated seat. We have the Toto Soiree in the original house and two Toto Aimes toilets in the addition. The Aimes are OK, but very modern looking. I prefer the more traditional look of the Soiree.

I did tons of research on bidet seats before buying. The Toto products are very nice, but I like my Coco and Uspa seats better due to the dual nozzles and other features. Also, the Coco and Uspa brands are much less expensive than the Toto.

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Beautiful bathroom. Did you hire out or did it yourself? I want to redo our bathroom and husband wants to hire out everything which is more expensive. I on the other hand want to do it myself. Has any women on this forum ever tackled big projects like that alone?

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Candel, I just saw your recent post. I am just finishing up on my bath remodel, and I did a fair amount of it myself. It took forever this way, but I'm slow. I hired out the plumbing (but I helped him problem solve a few issues) cabinetry and trim woodwork, and the electric. My husband was always willing to help me on the tough stuff such as adding joists in the crawl space so that I could install stone tile (I'm not getting in there!), and wacking on the cast iron stack that needed to come out after I could only do so much. He listened from his office as I grunted my way through the floor grouting:) It was a real workout. He just laughed. He's a good sport. That's what's needed - a good sport.

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Beautiful bathroom - would you please tell me how wide your two drawer bases are on each end? Your vanity and soffit may have solved my crazy master bath problems:)

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Candel - we did not do it ourselves, but we did GC it.

Katrine822 - the end drawer bases are 15". There is a little filler space on each side though. Those size drawers are just fine, in my opinion. In fact I'm really very happy with all the storage!

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Thank you Phylhl. I appreciate your response on the glass.

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Your bath looks great. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your master bath. Including ceiling height at center and on each wall. We are planning a master bath addition in an attic off the bedroom that will require adjusting some roof lines, and I want to keep it as minimal as possible to maintain outside roofline ascetics.

Width of room?
Height of vanity?
Floor to ceiling height in shower?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

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phylhl, your bathroom is beautiful! I am in the final planning stages of a master bath renovation myself, and I have some questions about your bathroom.

In a previous bathroom update, we used the same Rohl showerhead as your handheld, but as a fixed showerhead. I find that it is almost impossible to change the functions. It definitely takes both hands to do so, but even then, it is extremely difficult. I called Rohl about it and they said it is supposed to be tight. Are you finding yours difficult to change?

I see something in your shower that looks like a hook--? Just below the decorative panel and in front of the bench. Is that what it is? And is that a towel bar inside the shower on the half wall next to the shower door? If so, what is the material and make of the towel bar? My husband and I both use washcloths and I am struggling with what to hang them on in our shower. I want everything to be pretty, but it also must be very functional. I am having a hard time meeting both requirements here. :)

Last question: is that a Rohl country bath toilet paper holder? Have you had any problems with the TP hook falling off the wall trim piece? The one I used in my other bath kept falling off. Rohl replaced it twice, and I finally gave up and had a handyman glue the hook onto the trim piece to keep it from falling off all the time.

Sorry this is so long--thanks for your response!

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Freshman, in case you don't get a response on this old thread. Regarding the towel bar in the shower. If it was me I would only install a grab bar in a shower, properly blocked for this function. There are a lot of grab bar designs and they don't have to look institutional at all. In my tub remodel I even used a grab bar instead of a towel bar for safety. It is located at the end of the tub and was the only place I could fit a bar. I am very happy with the security of the grab bar, just in case. In my new shower I will have two grab bars and figure the wash cloths can drape over that without problems. I also have 2 hooks that I might put up just inside the shower, or outside, haven't decided yet. I will have a vertical grab bar at the entry to the shower. All these bars will be blocked with 2x8 lumber behind the cement board.

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Thank you enduring! I have taken notes on some of your posts. :)

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OMG! This is one of my new favorite GW bathrooms! Love the...well everything!

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