Help! Gaggenau Steam Oven Died

gaggsteamMarch 1, 2014

I've got a Gaggenau Combi Steam model BS270610. Last night, while steam roasting vegetables, the unit just died. The screen went blank, the unit turned off and will not turn back on, or react in any way.

I've tried cycling the power breaker, even leaving it off overnight, and nothing happens.

I plan to try calling Gaggenau on Monday, but has anyone else experienced anything like this, or have any idea or guess as to what might be going on?

The unit is five years old with no previous issues and was installed new and has been used, and cleaned, regularly, without issue.

Thank you.

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you've tried all the obvious stuff.

think you'll just have to wait for svc to open on Mon.

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Yeah, I figured. I was just hoping that maybe someone here had experienced the same thing and knew what might be causing it so I know what to expect from service.

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just a WAEG - but you're going to need a new control board.

Yours is fried. Though there might be and inline fuse that blew - but i doubt it.

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It's not fixed yet, but now know what happened to my Gaggenau and thought I'd share, just in case it helps someone else someday.

At some point, the glass on the interior light cracked, but did not break out. The light still worked and the part was quoted as being upwards of $300 to repair, so I just left it, thinking it was strictly cosmetic. Apparently, it was not.

The light is low voltage and there's a low voltage converter board that converts that voltage for the light to that off the oven. According to tech, steam got in through the cracked class to the voltage converter and fried my oven. Now repair is much, much more than $300.

Lesson learned.

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How do you all like your Gagg steam oven? Is it really worth double the price of the Miele?

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I would suggest you shop around for both repair and parts!

"Why is that?", You say.

Well I googled BS270610 parts list, and this web-site was the first hit.

The lamp lens is about $49, not $300!
You should price out the control board too and compare it to the quote from the place you are now seeking a quote from.

Gagg is owned by BSH. They figure if you have enough money to buy such a fancy product then you have the money to pay "Their Price" to fix or maintain it.

Cars, especially expensive ones are the same way.
Example my (Former) Mercedes.
Control for heater/ac goes out.
$900 for a Mercedes part, $300 for the "Chrysler part", (which is the same part)!!! I put in the Chrysler part and it worked fine till I sold that car.

Anyway that's how the "Expensive Appliance Manufacturers", play the game. You can play too, if you want to, but you don't have to, thanks to all the info available to you on the internet.

I still would not bet money on their diagnosis either seeing as how they tried to rip you off on that light cover! I would get a second opinion, at the very least!!!!

Good luckl with it!


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agree with Gary, but for clarification the $300 included labor and travel to install said lens, yes ???

That's at least $100 , more if you're in the boonies and travel is involved.

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Wouldn't that be a "Bummer" to have to call out service to change a lightbulb on that oven"?, Ya thinks Xedos?

One hopes it is a LONNNNGGGGGG life bulb, if that be the case?

Also, I am a little "Suspicious" of this:

"The light is low voltage and there's a low voltage converter board that converts that voltage for the light to that off the oven".

One could easily look up the light bulb from that web-site I listed,
maybe I will (Outta Curiosity's Sake)!

Even if it were low voltage, all that is needed to lower the voltage is a simple and cheap transformer, or even a high wattage resistor, or if it is a 120 volt lamp, just put 2 of them in series.

No "Elaborate" circuit board is needed to lower the voltage to the lamp and turn it on/off.
If it has a "Soft on/off, (A la Electrolux), that is still a very simple circuit!~~~~Witness the inexpensive Lutron Dimmer switches that are available just about any where, and they don't have "Pye In the Sky" circuitry to be able to do the soft on/off.


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I'm thinking that the light is 240V, not low voltage, but could be wrong.

I have the older model, and you have to pull the oven at least partway out to change the light.

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Well, I did look up the bulb on that web-site and as best I can tell it is a 12 volt halogen, and a bulb that is manufactured to stand the heat of a self cleaning oven.

But still does not take elaborate circuitry to drive the bulb.
I'm sure most folks have seen those 120 or 240 volt in and 12 volt out adapters for stereos, computers , You name it.
They are inexpensive.

Hopefully BSH had enough sense to design or use something like that rather than some "Elaborate and expensive circuit board.

Is the oven a plug in to 240 volt, or is it hard wired?
If it is a plug in, make sure it is plugged in.
Also it might be a good idea to have the socket itself checked to make sure the voltage is there, or if its hardwired, the wires should be checked for proper voltage, NOT A DIY unless you know what you are doing as 240 volts are DANGEROUS to unknowledgible DIY'ers!

Alto it can happen, an oven goes "Completely dead", usually you start seeing some "Flaky operation" before an oven goes "Completely dead",but, there is always the exception, but the odds are against it.


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Yes, the initial $300 quote, which was an estimate given over the phone after sending a photo of the damage, included install. The light is listed as a single unit (bulb, box, cover) and I was told it must be replaced in total; not just the cover. Even bulb replacement alone is not considered a "usable serviceable part" by Gaggenau, who says the bulb alone can't be replaced. Again, only the whole light housing can be replaced and the oven must be taken out of the wall to do so, because the wiring has to be unplugged/plugged in at the top of the unit.

Since I just watched them repair it, I can only go by what I was told and what I saw during the repair. The light housing was replaced, and though Gaggenau called it one part it came in three separate pieces: cover, bulb and wired housing. I know this because the bulb that was sent was broken, so instead of sending away for another part they used my original bulb, which was still working, or else they would have had to reorder and come back later.

The voltage converter, which is what they called it, as the light is supposed to be low heat and wired specially for the steam environment, according to the Gaggeanu certified repair person. Anyway, the module was an additional circuit board, which the light housing plugs into, in the top of the unit that plugs into the main board.

The oven is hardwired 220/240. Fixing those two elements repaired the oven. Other than having seen the crack in the tempered glass covering of the light the oven worked perfectly right up until the moment, midway through a cooking cycle, it didn't. I don't know how the glass got cracked as it wasn't hit or anything, and I'm the only one who really uses it. I just saw it one day, already damaged, while cleaning. There was no broken glass-it was intact-just cracked and the light still turned on until the end. I really felt it was just cosmetic, but they said again during repair that, that crack allowed steam to get into the electronic components, which are on the top of the oven, which caused the failure. The main board was tested first during the initial diagnostic service call and found fine. The bad voltage converter board was registering voltage in on a meter, but not out, and when they removed it found a black burn on the metal surface underneath where it had blown, though it looked fine on top.

Unit is once again running fine. Total bill for parts, labor and two visits (one to diagnosis, one to fix) was just over $600, but Gaggenau, who helped find the service person, was gracious enough to provide the parts free of charge, so, in the end, I only paid for labor.

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Hopefully, they did not touch the bulb with their bare fingers, That will shorten the life of any halogen bulb.

Glad it's fixed, alto sure not a fan of a design where a service company is required to just change a bulb!

Hopefully the bulb lasts a long time, it's rated at 2000 hours.


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I think its great that Gaggenau stepped up and covered all the parts for free for you !
Most of other companies i work with would not do this.

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Glad you got it fixed.

Gary - nothing about Gaggenau's engineering dept. does simple !!! If there is a complicated way to design a part or system - they'll find it. This is pretty much true of all German engineering.

Of course 300 bucks for a light bulb swap is pretty high. But then it's not just a light bulb.

You well know heat water/moisture kills electrical systems. All that hot steam has to be reliably kept away from the electrical components of these ovens. Days of the exposes "appliance" bulb are long gone.

Some brands are not DIY friendly - this is one of them.

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Afraid you got that right, Xedos.

I looked at changing the bulb in my Elux speed oven.
It would have to be pulled out of the cupboard to change it.

The good news is , after 7 years, the original bulb still works and it has got a lotta use in the 7 years I've had it.


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