winter is here: time for 0W oil

joe_mnDecember 17, 2009

duluth mn winters are harsh. I use syn oil in the winter since i park outside. i see mobil 1 0w-30 and 5w-30 are the same price. $22/4.75liter. my car says 10w-30 summer and 5w-30 winter. a 0w is going to have slightly better flow in cold weather so thats what i am going with. my other car uses 0w-20. so both of my cars will have 0w.

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The car with the engine that calls for 0W20 is built differently than the one that calls for 10W30/5W30. The bearing clearances are tighter on the engine that calls for the lighter oil, plus the piston rings have less tension. Both of these design changes are to reduce friction and the parasitic power loss due to pumping the heavier oil. 0W20 would be too light of an oil for the engine designed to use 5W30. IMO, stick with what each engine calls for. Synthetic is of course fine, but use the right grade of oil.

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yes, different oil for each car. the older car gets the 5w-30. i could use a cheap brand syn 5W-30 or pay for mobil 0W-30. its only $5 more/gal. i have not been able to find budget 0W-30 oil. if i could find some specs like the pour point for each oil, i would be more comfortable.

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Use decent oil. It is easier to spend a bit more on oil and forego a night on the razzle than use a cheap oil and spend a weekend (and a lot of money) replacing your engine. Cheap oil is cheap for a reason. It is shi........

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