deweeseDecember 10, 2005

I have a 3t0n jack that will not go up.

I added oil but didn't help.

Whats wrong with it?

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its broke.

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It's not American made.

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Good luck on finding the necessary repair kit.

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There's a real old Craftsman here that works perfect until you're under a car & then it immeadiatly starts to leak down in little jerks. I think that's a marketing ploy to sell more concrete blocks.

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Are there repair kits available for the Craftsman (made in the USA) jack ? These are not that hard to "rebuild". But, as I recall, its expensive....

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I've got 3 or 4 of those Chinese bottle jacks. They are fine if you don't mind using junk. They work OK for a little while, but when I really need the things to do some lifting, they will either: leak, not pump up properly if at all, or leak down and let the load slowly lower. For what I've spent for these jacks, I could have bought one American made one that was dependable. Of course, if you need a jack in an emergency, you just buy what's available.

I found some American made Hein-Werner/Lincoln, 5 ton bottle jacks at a surplus tool shop a few years ago for about 20 bucks. I bought two, and I wish I would have bought a few more just to have on hand. They've been working great, and never disappointed me. Plus, repair parts are available if I ever need them.

I'm not sure what brands are available out there now for anything that isn't throwaway Chinese. You just have to look.

Here's a link to a Hein-Werner 2 ton floor jack. Advertised as American made, and less than 300 bucks.


Here is a link that might be useful: floor jack

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Its got air in it. You have to bleed it out. Open the release valve and pump the handle 7 thousand times. Close the valve. Try the jack. Repeat till it works or you are convinced the jack is belly up.

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