O.T. - New Floors & Getting Things Back Together

jeannespinesFebruary 23, 2012

Just wanted to share a few pics of the new laminate flooring now that 'things' are getting back together. The living, dining & kitchen are 'back to normal' (I think!) LOL!

Here's a view of the LR floor & book shelves that I got loaded up again now (a couple are empty). The couch is getting covered next month in a 'light' color (linen...like the light color in the area rug):

That's the big, honkin' 10+ yr old tv that weighs a ton & needs lots of space...DH built that cabinet many yrs ago...when this tv dies, that will come out & we'll have a nice 'flat' screen in that spot! & a smaller cabinet below.

The rocking chair area:

The new ceiling fan that I've wanted to change for a long time...has longer blades & I love the singular lamp glass shade:

Looking to the other end of LR toward DR...Nellie loves the new rug...she usually drags her dog bed on it...right now she is just 'stretched' out:

That end table in the above pic is the one my DH made awhile back from oak for his 'laptop' computer...a tray slides out & he put air vents in the back of the end table...it's pretty cool, I think!

Here's the dining room view (I used flash in this pic):

And a look at the kitchen...next step (but will be awhile) is new countertops...light color again as this floor darkened the rooms (so much wood...which I LOVE wood) ...but had lighter carpeting & vinyl flooring before):

A big project...we had the floor installed & then my DH did all the trim work & we painted. Still adjusting to the bare floors...I do love them but so different! Working on porch area yet & my computer room where lots of things got 'stacked!' ;-) Figured it would take this whole month & the month is almost over!

Now ready for some Spring weather! It's too early yet tho...Winter is still here as we are under a Winter storm watch...ugh! Anyway, TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne...Congrats to you and DH on your beautiful new floors. Great color choice too. I've got wood throughout the house and I love it. I think it's such a nice look with or w/o area rugs. All your wood tones look just beautiful. I know what a hard job 'trim work' can be it's a thankless job but once done, it just completes the room.
As far as wanting to be done already with everything, I think you've done quite a bit already and looks like you'll make it to be ready when Spring arrives.
I love the pic of Nellie enjoying the new rug. you can tell she's a happy camper.
I still keep thinking that your DH and mine would appreciate ea others love for woodworking with all the projects they've done.


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I can imagine you must be thrilled to death.
That cabinet is a nice piece of furniture. My father was a cabinet maker before he went into engineering. In his heyday, he could make anything. Now, I'm married to a man who doesn't know what a Phillips screwdriver is!

Here's a little piece of advice. After you get over the financial shock of putting in yards and yards of hardwood flooring, GIVE THE TV AWAY TO SOME POOR COLLEGE STUDENTS and buy a new one. Honestly, we had a TV that sat in its own cabinet on the floor. I'm sure it was a bigger monstrosity than the one you own. We waited and waited and waited for the thing to die, but it just wouldn't. I finally put it out on the curb and went straight to Best Buy.

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Jeanne, things are lookin' great! Glad to see the book shelves filled up again. Big job to unload, paint and reload. The new flat screen TV's are rectangular not square and sooo much lighter. Would give a whole new look when you are ready for one.

Your chest (suitcase) is such a wonderful piece and looks so nice beside your rocker. Lovely choice on your new ceiling fan. Enjoyed seeing your old sewing machine and china cab along with the stand DH made for the 'laptop' computer. DH is talented and it shows! Love the shot of Nellie!!!

Beautiful Floors, hope you have many years of enjoyment with them. Countertops next huh? That's what I like, a woman who's just worked her buns off and already thinkin' of the next project!!!LOL


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Jeanne, Your new floors are wonderful,
I bet you feel like you are in a new home.

The cabinet your DH made is gorgeous.
He is a keeper.

You have some LOVELY pieces.

Nellie knows how to make herself comfortable lol.

Thanks for sharing


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Thanks jane, OA, punk & nana ...

OA ...LOL & lovin' your tv suggestions! It's remarkable that this tv is that old & was one of the 1st that were HD ready...it has a great picture! LOL! (but I'm with you altho both DH & I tog could not carry it to the curb!) Maybe next yr project (wink, wink)!

jane...yes, our DH's would have alot to share!

punk & nana...that old rocker we bought at an auction when we were firt married ...so it's been used! Thank you for your sweet comments...appreciated!

Snowstorm yesterday & overnight ...so all my snowmen/ladies from the porch have been put away the day before! & I'm ready to put out Spring! Here's the view from the porch this morning!

And here's a beautiful female Cardinal I caught on cameraout the porch windows when the snows first started yesterday! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

& when she picked herself a 'berry' from the bush:

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LOL Jeanne....you sent that cwappy snow here!
You guys got me so caught up with your Spring decorating and tables...I put away my winter things too!

I can't believe it- yesterday's weather was in the mid 50's and now this...uggg
Geeze, I hope March's weather doesn't drop a load of snow on us to make up for a 'Winter That Wasn't' !

Love your beautiful snow pictures...especially your birds, but I'd much rather see them in a pretty Springy setting !! lol


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Marlene Kindred

Wow Jeanne...you and DH have been very busy! The new floors look great! You're right, it really does change the feel of a room, doesn't it? Love the color choice and all of your furniture looks great with it. LOVE the end table your DH made....I need to show that to my DH. He needs something similar. And the rocker area and that trunk are so awesome!

Congrats on getting things back in order. I think it's going to be a while before ours is back...we've got things scattered everywhere.

Thanks for sharing your home with us!

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All your hard work is worth it. Why is it that even your snow and birds are prettier than mine?

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Guess it's the difference between 'City snow' & 'Country snow' ...'City birds' & 'Country birds' ... LOL! That's the only thing I can think of, joycegreen1!

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Jeanne, sorry you have so much snow but
I'm loving it! Your pictures are wonderful
as usual. The bridge and trees are so
pretty covered in snow.

Was it perfect timing or did you spend
hours waiting for Miss Cardinal to grab
a berry? Wow, what a shot! I might
have to try painting one of your bird
pics if you don't mind.

LOL, difference between 'City snow' & 'Country snow' ...'City birds' & 'Country birds'

BTW, Welcome, Joycegreen1. Hope you will continue
to stop by and post with us here.


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Jeanne, you take the best bird pictures. That cardinal looks so pretty. My family in Missouri have been amazed that they've gotten so little snow this year--but they too say it's not over yet!
Your floors really look nice. How do you like cleaning them? Pretty easy now, huh? Did your DH build all the shelving for you too? The cabinet looks wonderful, he is very talented.
I just took a tv out to the curb last week. DH had replaced it about four years ago, but put it in the guest room closet for some reason. I decided it had sat there way too long. Funny thing was that someone came and took the wires but left the tv, ended up sending it off to ewaste disposal.;o(

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WOW on everything, Jeanne. The floors look wonderful, and what a change for you! Tho I'm not sure your sweet dog is as happy as you are. Good thing you got that pretty rug!!

Your cardinal and snow pictures are awesome, as always! I just had to "pin" your cardinal in my bird album in fact.
That snow is just mind-boggling to me...I had to go pick up new glasses yesterday and needed to use my van's AC for the first time this year! (I don't like driving with windows down for some reason) We're in the 70's rest of week, so I am enjoying sitting out back a lot. Tho if I could sit IN your house and see all the pretty views you get, I'd love that too.

hugs, Karen

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Thank you, marlene, jane, luvs, punk, & joycegreen (who is a good RL friend & is the one who first showed me the Garden Web Forum here!) ;-)

Am happy w/floors & getting close to other rooms to be 'back to normal' (if there is a normal....lots of messes!).

Am envious of 70 deg weather & sitting in the bkyard, PM! Wow, I'd take that any day! (our backyard is mostly bare again after high 40's yesterday)

DH built just the big tv cabinet about 11 yrs ago & will build a smaller (narrower) type when we get a flatscreen. We had the shelves built back in early 70's when house was new by a woodworker....I've always loved them for photo albums & books esp! Thanks, luvs...I will pass on your compliments to DH. & luvs, the floors require more 'dustmopping' but I don't mind that as much as using the vaccuum sweeper... a lighter color probably wouldn't show as much...ours are a medium oak color. & good for you ...we have 'closet' tv's sometimes, too & VCR's & keyboards but DH did a bit of recycling lately. ;-)

punk...the Cardinals sometimes are very co-operative w/me...I have to stand very still & shoot thru windows (half have screens so I move sometimes & that scares them to fly off)...I probably shot about 20 - 25 frames to catch a couple of what I consider 'good ones.' ;-)

Ok, I've rattled on....thanks, 'Holiday-ers!' Jeanne S.

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