inline fuel pump

kaliningDecember 7, 2010

someone asked me a question that i even want to know the

answer. Actually it will answer my own question on my own car. I have a 94 3.8 taurus G.L. 538.350 kms. ( 334,515 miles ). As i found out the fuel pump motors use brushes,

they do ware out but they use a copper based brush. Carbon

based brushes are used in alts. and heater motors. they last about 3 years. Anyone have high mileage stories on an

original pump with no mechanical problems, proper filter

changes, and no contaminated gas ? I'm assuming i have an original pump. Maybe not ? A dealer forman i know says they could last 3 months or forever. Well actually longer than the motor or the body. Everyone please chime in.


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I ran a 1992 Jeep Cherokee, 6 cy HO to 193,000 miles using the original fuel pump. Still running when I turned it in.

I now have a 1998 Jeep with 103,000 miles and original fuel pump - no problem with that. Did loose one circuit in the front lighting. Problem ahd been isolated to the wirng harness between the lamp housing and a splice.

I have a 1998 Dodge Stratus with 105,000 miles - original fuel pump.

Wife has a 1997 Saturn, 135,000 miles - original fuel pump.

I had a 1978 Olds Cutlass - fuel pump went out at 67,000 miles.

My son had a 2004 Dodge Stratus. Fuel pump quit at 60,000 miles.

Much of the time, the fuel pumps in my family's stable do last a long time, and then we get an occassional early failure. I'd agree that your mechanic's statement is on the mark.

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