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tomcat_prowlerDecember 21, 2005

How do you remove the turn signal,wiper switch from a 1987 chevy pickup?I thought it just pushed in and turned to pull it out of the steering column.

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Nope: You have to remove the steering wheel to get into the steering column and go from there.

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Are you sure?Cause someone stole mine and I got a parts truck I can take another out of. There is no wires to it.It inserts into the plastic switch. I am talking about the lever that has the wipers and high beems when you pull back on it.They didn't take my steering wheel off to take it.

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The lever can be removed as you say, but not the switch. I believe you twist the lever about 1/4 turn counter clockwise then pull it out. If it has wires attached, they are for cruise control if the vehicle is so equiped.

If you really need to remove either the turn signal or wiper switch...two different things operated from the same lever, you have to remove the steering wheel.

What are we trying to do? Sounds like you just want to install the lever.

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To replace the wiper switch (not just the lever) on that year GM you have to remove the steering wheel, lock plate and turn signal switch. If you have the right tools, its about an hours job.

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