samsung fridge display + toddler?

apartment4lifeMarch 12, 2012

hello GW (this is my very first post!)-- i'm wondering if anyone has a samsung fridge with the controls/display on the front. The model i'm looking at is RB215ACWP. The display/controls seem to be exactly at the eye-height of my toddler and i'm pretty sure it will be a big issue for us. He's a willful one and loves anything with a button! Has anyone figured out a way to disable it or is there a child-proofing mode? Other than this i'd love to get this fridge.

Thanks in advance!

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Most all of these have a child lock function, usually holding a particular button for a long time.

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Mine does -- different model, but it's there.

Toddlers don't stay toddlers very long. just sayin... ;)

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thanks- that's just the answer i was looking for. The samsung website was pretty unclear

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My Grandson changed the display on my fridge to Celcius and I still haven't figured out how to put it back to Fahrenheit. He did it without a manual when he was 2. I am still trying to see if I can get it back to diplaying in US degrees without having to use a manual but am not having much luck.

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Here's the 'How To' FAQ page for that model--there is a child lock feature...

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung RB215ACWP FAQs

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