MAAX Rubix Tub

suzsuzMarch 4, 2013


Considering the Maax Rubix tub - does anyone have any experience with this tub?

Here is a link that might be useful: Maax Rubix Tub Info

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It reminds me a lot of the Mirabelle Edenton -

I was also considering some freestanding tubs by Maax - the Ella, the Sax and the Jazz - they look great but most showrooms in NJ don't have them on their floor - it's so hard to buy a soaking tub without actually sitting in it but I may have to do that.

I hope there are some Maax owners out there.

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I bought the Maxx Jazz F free standing tub from Quality Bath. I love it, great price, 25 year warranty.

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I looked at this one too (online - couldn't find one IRL) - had about as large a basin as will fit in the common 5' space, more than the Mirabelle Edenton, but I've found sharp-cornered, steep-walled tubs I've tried not to be comfortable to use.

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Suzsuz, did you go with this tub? I'm considering it myself. I love the sleekness of it but I'm concerned about two things; the narrow deck width (not much room to put things), and the fact that it's a smooth bottom not textured. I'm afraid that might be a bad idea considering it will also be a shower.

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I did! But it's sitting in the warehouse waiting for us to pick it up. I'll let you know how it turns out. It will be used primarily as a shower so the deck wasn't an issue - it's a very tight bathroom so this tub was the best option for foot space and the height was perfect.

I also ordered a second tub the Hydro Sydney - very similar but more $ and a little taller.

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This is an obviously good pick for mostly shower use, given the maxed-out floor space. Would like a report as to how comfortable it is to use as a tub though.

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I just placed the order for my 66x32 Rubix tub this morning. It will be at least a couple of months before I'm in the house and able to try it out but after extensive research I think I'll be happy with it. This youtube video helped with my decision:

Also, I spoke with someone at Maax about my concern regarding the smooth bottom and he said that sometimes textured acrylic can actually be more slippery because the "bumps" in the surface will leave pockets of water under your foot and therefore lessen your traction. But in a smooth bottom your foot makes full contact with the surface and creates better grip. I don't know if this is true or not but it sounded good to me and put me somewhat at ease.

I've also realized after reading your comments about the comfort of the steep walls that I never really lay back in my tub. I pretty much always sit up straight with my back away from the backrest. Weird, huh?

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Suzsuz, How do you like your Maax Rubix tub for both showering and bathing? What is the actual depth to the bottom of the overflow slot?

And what do you think of your Hydrosystems Lacey for showering and bathing?

I'm considering both these tubs? Which do you like better?

vitaminjd, do you like your Rubix?

Thank you both!

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I'd like to hear from someone about the comfort of the Maax Rubix (either the 66" or 60"). I AM a lean-back-soaker type and just want to know if the lean is comfortable. I don't care if the corners are square. I'm also trying to decide between the 18" height and 20" height. I really don't put more than 10-11" of water in the tub and would be buying the higher one more for the visual impact over the lower tub, but then does the 20" tall tub feel too high to drape elbows over while reading?.. thanks for any feedback.

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We just moved into our new home and I've found time to take a couple of baths (in the 32x66). I have to be honest and say that I'm not loving it just yet. It feels too big. To be fair, I came from an apartment with a smaller than average tub so I find that most other tubs feel big to me, even though I'm not a small person. But this one feels like a sitting in a boat! The frugal girl in me couldn't bring myself to fill it up as much as I would've liked. It just seemed like a waste of water. Hopefully I'll get used to it. It does look super nice, though!

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How is it from a comfort perspective? Particularly leaning your head against the rim, or how your shoulders hit the back wall (if they do at all) and if it's comfortable. The 6' tub in the house I'm moving into has a very sloped backrest that looks like it would be very comfortable to lean against, but it's awful - sticks into my shoulder blades and hurts my back. Also limits the effective length you can use - this 6' tub feels smaller inside than the 5' tub in another bathroom in the same house.

Your tub is only 6" longer and no wider than a typical small tub; you're not using that much extra water. Stretch out and enjoy.

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