Only 1 Oven - convection or Wolf combi steam

BobbieMarch 22, 2013

Hello all,

I apologize if this question has already been addressed. I did do a search and could not seem to find anything that addressed this particular issue.

I am soon to move to a CCRC and the kitchen is SMALL. I can, however, update appliances. I'm going to replace the drop in electric range with an induction cooktop and an oven. This raises the question, which oven, convection or Wolf combi-steam. Since it is a retirement community with it's own restaurant and my duplex would have little room for large group entertaining, my oven would primarily be to cook for me only. With that in mind, would a combi steam oven be an appropriate choice? From what I have read, it appears to be able to do everything that a convection oven does and more. I love to bake and I love al things vegetable. The duplex has an over-the-range microwave that I'd keep for those times I make homemade candy or popcorn.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Combi steam, without a doubt. If you are only cooking for yourself, you will love the reheat function - it combines regular heat with moisture so the reheated food does not dry out. It is also much faster than a regular oven when you used the combination mode. While it has a smaller cavity, that should not present a problem.

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Thank you, Barry. That is just what I was thinking, but not having seen any prior discussion, I wanted to make sure I was on the right track.


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If you only have one oven and it is a steam oven, I would go for the Miele "XL" model over the Wolf. The Miele has a broiler element; the Wolf does not. The Miele is far more controllable than the Wolf (which relies heavily on pre-programmed settings).

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele XL combi-steam

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Bobbie, when I suggested a combi steam oven, I forgot the point that Caliete makes a, I don't have a broil element in my combi steam, I have one in my range but nearly never use it. If you have the time, you might want to look at the different options - Gaggenau, Miele, Wolf, and Thermador to see which combi you like best- they all have different controls and pluses and minuses, depending on your use.

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If I had to choose just one it would be to keep our Wolf steam oven, it is great. It is large, does a great job of cooking and baking, and to be honest I don't think i would ever miss a broiler in it. i can count on one hand how often I have ever used a broiler in 20+ years of cooking.

But that is just MHO.


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I was reading this thread and curious about this assertion:

'''The Miele is far more controllable than the Wolf (which relies heavily on pre-programmed settings).'''

I wonder what factors make this true.

Has anybody used both Wolf CSO and Miele XL? (and can comment on this?)


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My sister just gifted me with the Cuisinart CSO Combo-steam oven and we LOVE IT.
So as others have noted, I would opt for a steam oven. Having said that, this cuisinart is a countertop model and it is also convection.
I am not familiar with the wall ovens with steam so things you may need to consider are: gaggenau is plumbed and would you be allowed to have that installed? Which of the ovens you listed offers convection with their steam option...and of course, if you have been happy with a standard oven and have counter room (I know you said the kitchen was small), this countertop glorified toaster-oven, steam, convection may be the best of having it all.

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