2005 prius---bluetooth or not?

bobyoeDecember 23, 2005

The brochures list bluetooth as an option in packages 6 and 7, but the dealer says it has navi, but bluetooth is "unavailable." I am very confused! Help!


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Boby, visit priuschat.com

It's a site devoted to the Toyota Prius hybrid, and can help you with any questions you may have on the vehicle.

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There is also a www.priusonline.com website too (very similar to Prius chat).

I don't know why the dealer would tell you that. We a package 6 and have bluetooth. It's not something the dealer adds onto the car - it's in the computer (along with the navigation system). You have to have a Bluetooth+Toyota compatible phone in order for it to operate, however. By Bluetooth+Toyota I mean that not all Bluetooth devices will work. Toyota has a certain Bluetooth chip in there that makes it only compatible with a dozen or so phones. The Toyota website will tell you which ones they are.

Maybe the guy isn't so intelligent and tried it out with his non-Bluetooth phone, getting some kind of "unavailable" message?

Either way, I'd look elsewhere or find a more knowledgable salesperson. Reminds me of when we were shopping for a Passat and asked one dealer if they had any in blue. She said that the Passat didn't come in blue. Yes, they do come in blue, they come in 4 shades of blue, ma'am...

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