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oakleyokFebruary 8, 2011

After reading Karen's topic about what we collect, it seems most of us do collect!

So, I'd like everyone to take a picture and show us. Even if we've seen the picutre a hundred times already, it's always fun to see them again.

This is just one of my collections, Watt Pottery.

My first piece came from my late grandmother who was deceased before I was born. I've decorated my house around it since I was in my 20s. I gave it to my DIL to pass on to my granddaughter.

Here are some of the many old bottles that I didn't purposefully collect but found most of them buried in our yard, and some from my dad.

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Love your Watt Pottery, and the colors are perfect to decorate a home around, and as for the bottles--who wouldn't have saved those beauties??? You also seem to have a knack for displaying them in a creative way. TFS

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Heisey Lariat elegant glassware..A FEW PCS were GIVEN TO MY mom for my cedar chest...I've collected more serving pcs thru the yrs:

Here's a close-up of a candy dish I bought on e-bay some yrs. back. Lariat was produced to compete with "candlewick" in 1941 thru 1957 when the factory closed...I have 18 pcs. in my collection...there are approx. 125 diff. ones.

Hall China "Autumn Leaf" pattern known & sold by Jewel Tea:

Pottery planters ... boy/girl soft-looking finish:

Icould go on & on...
"These are a few of my favorite things" as the song goes...Jeanne S

Pottery ,,,esp. w/blue's some Rowe Pottery:

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Jeanne, looking at your Jewel reminded me that I have five nice pieces, but only two are displayed in different areas.

I received a soup tureen from my late MIL last week, it's really nice.

Great collection you have.

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Oak, its so neat your Watt pottery has a family history and is being passed on. I think that is wonderful. I like the old bottles too.

Jeanne I've long admired your collections as you know.

I'll take a photo short cut by posting link to my Photobucket collection album. It has quite a bit of my dogs, rabbits, Christmas, and some of my horses. Plus my small collection of Otagiri birds. I think it was Punk who recently found a mama bird with babies that I recognized at Otagiri. With mine, and my cardinals which I forgot to take photos of, I don't collect the birds with babies. Not sure why, maybe trying to limit my collecting.
LOL. I also collect figurines of small bird pairs. I only have about 10 I think. And "fat" birds, LOL. Have a dozen of those. I should photograph them and add to the album too. As you can see, I have too darn many collections....but I can see I'm in very good company here!! ;o)

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: my collections

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Oakleyok, pretty display of Watt Pottery. I love the colors, have a few pieces myself. One piece belonged to my Mother.

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I am always in AWE, Karen, when I look at ur photo albums! WOW! ur "collections" is so AWESOME!!! One of my fav vinettes in ur album is this pic:

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Oakley, so glad you came up with this post. It will be so fun to see everyones collections. Your Watt Pottery is beautiful and you have displayed it well. Looks like you have other beautiful dishes also. Neat bottles you found and they are so pretty with the flowers in them. Lovely vase also.

Jeanne, I've always loved your collections too and enjoyed seeing them again. You have alot of sweet collections.

Karen, I just went to the most wonderful show I've seen in a long time! Your collections kept me smiling the whole way through. WOW


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Thanks Punk, n Jeanne. Those green and white rabbit plates are the only two I have, but they come in a whole set of dishes. Including pitcher, cake plate, etc. But too costly for me. So I settled for these two plates since the design was different on them. Oh, the set also comes in brown and white. I saw them in one of the gift catalogs that come in the mail. I might break down someday and get the pitcher to decorate with.

Oak, thanks for starting this thread. I hope we see a lot collection photos from the others. So interesting!

hugs, Karen

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The bunny dishes are J Willfred Toile (in brown or green). And there are square plates
as well as the round. Plus a cute tea set featuring baby bunnies. There's also a set
with birds instead of bunnies. I love this stuff. Its amazing I have just the two plates. LOL.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: J Willfred Toile dishes

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Love looking at all the collections. The Pottery planters and the J Wilfred Toile dishes really caught my eye.
Thanks Oak.

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