Cadillac Concurs 1996 for a work car?

johndeereDecember 10, 2007

I have been looking for a used work car.I found a nice clean Cadillac Wow a lot of car and can be had for around $4000.00 and my old Buick Regal that they would give me $1000.00 trade.

This Caddy has a V-8 Northstar and 119.000 miles and is clean and well maintained looks like a 2006.Supposibly gets 26mpg on the highway?My concern is all the electrical bells ans whistles.Why is a luxury car like this priced so low?This is the same price this model goes for around here all over the place.Wonder if there is a reason they lost so much from there $30'000 plus sticker price?I realise it is a 12 year old car.But still seems like a deal to me?Anything im missing here?Like they would be a money pit?My wife saids because its a boat.Oh and this one is the gold edition.

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Those old Caddys are good land barges. Before you buy, check out the fuel mileage and will that be acceptable? Will it pass emmisions test? Does it need a set of brakes or tires?

Part of the explanation of the $4000 price tag is as you mentioned, its a 12 yr old vehicle. The dealer may not be stocking certain parts for it any more. Those parts may yet be available, but may have to be ordered from a warehouse center.

If it has seen 12 winters of road salt, look for corrosion damage on the undercarrage and body.

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No emmision testing in this area.I will take a close look at the undercarrage.Because rust has taken over under my 14 year old Buick and top side also.

I seen a owner review that saids they need premium fuel?If that the case I will pass.Not sure if that true or not however?

What gets me is this can be bought for this price and had such a high sticker price.Yet a vehical that cost half this price and even less has the same resale value.Just seems strange to me.

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This is the essence of most vehicle owner missconceptions. Until an issue is really discovered that makes ownership/use of the vehcile unjustifiable in a "dollars per mile" sense, there isn't a reason to not have this car if you really like it. I have heard the words, "How can it be XXXXX to fix my car when I only paid YYYYY for it?" Simply put, it costs, to fix what it costs to fix.

If this engine should need headgaskets, it's quite likely the headbolt holes in the block will need inserts put in. This truly limits the shops that you can go to to have this work done, but performed correctly will last another 100,000 miles +. The deal is, it's an expensive repair rivaling what you are going to pay for the car, if not more. Imagine then turning around and having to replace the transmission, and then some hub bearings, and struts, ect. No matter what you will spend some money, but seriously, lets compare all of this to what a new Scion costs. Buying the Cadillac, and having to do every repair mentioned would cost less than that brand new car! Meanwhile you would have spent the last five years driving in relative luxury.

I "aquired" a 1990 Deville that I rebuilt the engine on. it was a 4.5l. I enjoyed driving that around for two years, and then gave it to a nephew and he used it for five more. I think he gave it to someone else when he could finally buy a new car. The funniest stories are about how everyone that knew he filled vending machines for a living wondered how he could afford to drive a Cadillac.

BTW, he bought his Ford 500 with cash which he saved up by making monthly "car payments" to a savings account the whole time he drove the Deville.

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I bought a 04 Deville back in March 07. The fuel economy of a V8 Northstar seems to be a well kept secret (and its got muscle too!). It can do 26mpg on hwy easily. I use my Deville daily to/from work. I average about 22 mpg combined hwy/city driving.

The headgaskets are a major concern for pre 2000 Northstars. Its about a $3500 repair. But I hear you can buy a coolant test kit for $10 at Autozone. It should tell you right away if that problem exist.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. Theres nothing like the ride of a Caddy. Hope it works out for you.


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Thats good to know about the head gaskets issue.That might keep me away from it.Plus I here you have to run premium gas.That would definatley sour the deal alone.

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dosent sound like that great deal, just looked at a 99 caddy, with 66k on it here for 5800.00 and theres plenty of them in that price range around the detroit area. hey j.d. i have a 00 olds bravada 77k on it like new, will give you deal on it.

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If you want something big look at a Mercury Marquis. Gets about the same mileage, regular gas and almost as much luxury if you get the LS model. I bet for your $4,000 you could get one 7 or 8 yrs old with 50,000.

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I took the Caddy for a test drive and decided to pass on it.To hard to park in todays world and it had a few issues.Had a few strange rattles and squicks coming from the rear suspension.Would rather have a small truck S-10 or Ranger.But they hold there value like gold around here.Buying a used vehical is not like it use to be.Every thing in the $5000.00 range and under is high miles 100.000 plus.Not so many years ago that meant it was not worth much.But today they claim miles dont mean anything.Unless of course your trading it in.

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