Airbag Light Flashing? - 99 Toyota Pickup

seaninseattleDecember 24, 2007

Hey all, I need some help. I've got a 99 toyota pickup ext'd cab, and its got a flashing airbag light. I have no idea what that means, and I need to know for safety reasons. Specifically I need to understand whether or not its safely drivable from now until 12/26 when I can bring it into a local shop. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thank you!

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Many airbag systems still flash the warning lamp in a sequence that gives the operator the associated trouble code. So look for a pause, then count the flashes. A two digit code may have a long pause, one or more flashes, a short pause and another set of flashes.

It can be "assumed" that if the warning lamp is flashing the airbag might not work in the event of a crash.

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Yeah, after reading posts about this issue with other makes / models of cars, I tried to count the pauses and such... but there is not an apparent pattern to them.

I called the dealership, and they said that they would charge me ~$200.00 just to plug into my car and check the diagnostic system. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy about the rep trying to sell me on that.

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"Just plugging in" really isn't exactly accurate. Sure that's the first step, connect the scan tool to pull the codes. Then the next step of the diagnostics depends on the code that is setting, and where the component is located at and where the wiring harness for it runs. It would appear that you have been quoted a complete diagnostic fee. While diagnostic fees are far from being standardized, keep in mind that the number of shops that actualy have full functioning, and that means O.E. (factory) scan tools are very few outside of the dealer network, especially when it comes to a Toyota. Many aftermarket tools will have some access with your airbag system, but could easily be very limited access. While an O.E. tool will give the technician full diagnostic capability, the aftermarket tool may allow access to the trouble codes, and probably be able to clear the codes, but it may not have scanned data which might truly be necessary to avoid risking having to do any guessing during the diagnostics.

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If I may add up something here, a good thing that you would check in this one would benefit it in a long run. If a maintenance can be a good option, you would be able to really make things work out and know why it's light is flashing rather than having no idea at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: car diagnostic

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