Replacing shocks on a Sienna

flh69December 5, 2005

I have a 2002 Toyota Sienna and was wondering how much of a job it is to replace the rear shocks? Does anyone have opinions as to which brand of shocks or is it best to use OEM?


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I've been running a set of Blistens (sp?) on my Jeep for 5 years, and these are still good. I live in the road salt belt, too!

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Its a three year old Toyota, I'd think the rear shocks are still good.
Do you see oil seepage ? This is normal on some vehicles.. On most cars, these are easy to change..
Bilsteins are good, but known to be stiff - check with the Toyota forum about this.

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I have over 50,000 on it and the smooth ride is no longer there. My wife usually drives this vehicle so the last time I drove it, I really noticed it.

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Yeah. I have the heavy duty Blistens and these are too stiff for normal use.

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