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yachter123February 2, 2011

This isn't the biggest one I've seen, the storm of '67 is still the biggest in the Chicago area, but this one was interesting. We had "thunder snow"! Ok, I've never heard of that, it was lightening & thundering for about a half hour around 10 p.m. last nite.

Weather channel said it is called "thunder snow"!

Most of our snow drifted due to high winds, so hard to tell how much we actually got, but they are saying 20".

Here's a few pics of my deck before & after, the yard between us & our neighbors garage, it's up to just under his windows and our backyard & youngest grandson on snow hill in front yard today, beautiful sunny day today! Go figure, but 6 degrees with wind chill.

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WOW! My son lives in Chicago(and has a store) and I haven't heard from him since before the snow, he hates the snow. Your yard is real pretty, but I'm glad it's not here.
We've had our few inches and that's enough for this year.

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Good to hear from you, yachter...what a mess, uh?
Sunshine here today in NE Iowa ...we got a total of 9-l/2" (they guess) in the last couple days...lots of wind...have seen worse! So, maybe it will be over for everyone else soon, too! TFS...good pics! Jeanne S.

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Is anyone else having problems with this site loading very slow today?

I had all my VDay pictures uploaded here & it just sat there & would not move from that page!!! GRRRR

Maybe it's snowed under! LOL

Yes, it's pretty, but will take forever to melt, we're now in the deep freeze, -5 tonite & colder tomorrow, I think high of 8 or 9! UGH!

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Yachter, I just learned something new too. Thunder Snow is a new one for me. Love your night picture of the snow. DGS looks like he's doing fine with all this. Enjoyed seeing your pics.

Amazing how fast the snow can dump on us. Hope you don't have to go through another storm like you did in "67. Our temps are like yours but we only have a few inches of snow. Sure hope all of our trees make it.

Frou, have you talked with your son? Hope all is well with him. If he hates snow he better think about moving.lol 20" is alot.

Take care and try to stay warm.


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Sure looks pretty, Yachter, but also looks very cold! Young ones sure don't mind do they? LOL I too like the shot of the snow coming down at night time. What did your neighbor use on his driveway? It looks wet and completely clear. Do be careful in case it's slick anywhere. Luvs

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Yeah, Punk, Thunder Snow! It was really wierd seeing it during a blizzard!

Luvs, my neighbors salt their drives, but they also get full sun as you can see & theirs melt once they get them shoveled off. Mine only gets partial sun & takes longer to clear.

I was surprised to see theirs melting as cold as it is here, though!

High of 12 today & we get a heat wave this weekend, up to 29 & 30 and then back down to 10! This is enough, most of us midwesterners are done, over, fed up with & just plain sick of winter!!!

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Amazing photos, Yacht. I heard about Thunder Snow last winter on the news when some hit Flagstaff, in N. AZ. Speaking of the news, they were showing one of your reporters standing on the street reporting when the thunder and lightning scared the heck out of him. Guess no one would ever espect that during a snowstorm! WOW.

hugs, Karen

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I learned something new too. Thunder snow must be a weird experience. Keep kids away from windows as lightening might strike! Wow! In So. Dak. 2 different summers we had an unusual storm. The sky was sunny & bright & then turned into a huge pan of buns with tops facing the ground & they were a light pinkish tan color. Air seemed sort of strange too. I ran around & got brothers in & all the toys & closed windows & pulled boat up & it really let go with a terrific storm. So if you are ever boating or in yard & feel air changing or see "pan of buns" like huge rectangle of them, get things in & out of way. I know lot of wind & rain but can't remember if hail also, I think so. This was between 1954-59. I think at least 1 fisherman drown on the lake that day. Ice is nasty to drive on do be careful or better yet try to stay in!! I remember having that much snow many times. Jan

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