You've Inspired My Heart!!

slinkeyFebruary 6, 2012

After seeing all your lovely Valentine decorations

and tables, you all inspired me to do a table too.

I really don't have many Valentine Decorations to decorate I did the best I could with what I have.

This little sweetie was a gift from our

#1 Holiday Enabler...

I'll give you a hint - She loves the color Purple and does an amazing job putting together all our Holiday Albums!

Karen, I hope you don't mind, I gave him a 'Makeover' with Heirloom White Spray paint !

Stemware - CTS - Glass Candleholders TS finds.

For a splash of color, I added a Red Scarf as a runner.

The Large Red Plate is 'Country Living' - on sale 2 yrs ago from Kmart. The Red Check plate - TJM - 'Queen's EST 1795'

Next Craftsman Dinnerware USA - TS find. The small floral dessert - Triumph - American Limoges USA from local Consignment shop. The small heart boxes - $ store, last yr. Red flatware - Cambridge.

I found this little cupid last Summer at a Flea Mkt for $1.

The white candleholders - Ebay and the red hurricanes - Michael's - 2 yrs ago. Red Velvet Roses - Walmart several yrs ago.

'Wannabe' Candy Shot!

Thanks for looking.


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slinkey jane...I am happy that the 'Holiday-ers' here motivated you! ...this is such a lovely t'scape for Val-day month! Adding the red scarf to your lacey t'cloth sure did add a 'splash!' & that angel from our Enabler friend looks so serene up on that pedestal w/the pearls, roses & candlelight! romantic for Val-day!

Love the pretty edged white napkin inside the red ...w/rose holder...lovely!!! As is the glassware, flatware & of course, the exceptional stacking of each place-setting. Dessert bowls are exquisite on this table!

And I love your lil' 'shushing' angel! "Everything's coming up roses" here! Sweet! TFS! Jeanne S.

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My, oh, my. Your table is exquisite! You know what I like best? It's the fact that it's so elegant, yet so warm and inviting at the same time. Not tooooo frilly, but very "valentines-y" just the same.

I just read about Heirloom White spray the other day. I'm very intrigued and will have to get myself a can or two.

Nice job with the layers. I like the tiny string pearls too.
Happy Valentines, OA

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Jane, another one of your gorgeous tables here. Love all the red and white on this table. Your layered dishes and all your candles are so pretty. Those little red heart boxes are darling to top it off.

Both cherubs are the sweetest looking little ones. I remember Karen sending you that one. Looks great with the new paint job. Made a sweet cp sitting on a bed of red rose petals up on a pedestal.

Napkins are pretty and an added rose, Nice. Adding the red scarf down the center with the roses and pearls really added to this table.

So happy you was inspired and set a table to share.


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Jane, what an absolutely GORGEOUS table! The reading Cherub looks quite happy there. I am a fan of the Heirloom white paint myself, after reading what a hit it was over in blogland last year. (along with oil-rubbed bronze, another great spray paint). My little Reader sits by my Dad's photo as he always read to me as a child and inspired my love of books. Your shushing cherub is darling too.

But wait a the heck did I become a #1 Enabler? There is plenty of "competition" here for that title. LOL.

So glad you set this table and shared it with us, I wouldn't have wanted to miss out seeing such a pretty display.
hugs, Karen

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Jane, this table is so beautiful!! I love everything about it.
You found the perfect plates to use, they go together beautifully.
I've really fallen in love with cherubs in the past year and yours are adorable.
The red scarf and roses intertwined with pearls is wonderful.
Thank you for sharing this elegant and romantic table.

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Thank you everyone. I enjoyed reading all your comments.

Jeanne...I was trying to figure out what to use for a
'splash' of red runner wasn't doing it for me. When I put down the red scarf, I liked the soft flow of it.
I'm looking forward to seeng your floors. HOpe you take plenty of pics for us.

OA...'elegant, yet so warm and inviting at the same time. Not tooooo frilly, but very "valentines-y" just the same.'
Thanks...I guess I accomplished what I was looking to do! I'm smiling!
BTW...the Heirloom White - by Rust-Oleum (Painter's Touch)
It has fabulous coverage. The color is a nice soft white. I bought mine at Home Depot last Summer 'cheap' - I've been giving 'new life' to many things I have. In fact I've got to replenish my supply. DH discovered mine and he's loving it too! and some other 'enablers' here have really inspired me with all your lovely tables and decorations.
I guess I caught the 'Love Bug' and had to do something too!

Karen...'You' not an enabler - ... HA!
For someone who doesn't do tablescapes, you put together the most lovely vignettes with ALL your collections and Holiday goodies!
I get totally swept away! So, I guess it's safe to say're a 'First Class Enabler' !!

Nana...I got hooked on cherubs from some of our 'Friendly Enablers' here. I keep a few out all year.
I love tucking them in here and there throughout the house.

Thanks again ladies for all your lovely comments.


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OH WHEW! You have inspired our hearts! Everything is just beautiful.. Absolutely love the string of Pearls. Roses and Pearls, can't get much better....

Like the white candle holders, well, LOL I like it all!


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Marlene Kindred

I thought you said you didn't have very many Valentine's decorations...well, heck...I'd like to see what you'd come up with if you had lots! What a lovely table! LOVE the cherubs, the pearls, the dishes and stemware! And the silverware is just beautiful! Lovely, just lovely!

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OMG, Jane, it is absolutely *PERFECT*!!! Just wonderful -- every touch of it. And I've always been a sucker for pearls. :)

PS: those little red heart boxes are SO cute! I want to run and check the $ stores around here and see if they might have anything like them!

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Jane, your last picture of your plates is so pretty, they go together so well and I just love each of the patterns but especially the one on top with the gold touches. The scarf was an inspired idea, so soft and just perfect with the cherubs and pearls. I liked OA's description of "elegant, yet warm and inviting". Perfect!

I pulled out a few Valentines things today, kept thinking "I thought I had more than this for Valentine's Day". Duh, the moment I saw your cherubs, I realized I had missed pulling out the box with mine! LOL

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Thank you glad you enjoyed this table.
I agree about Roses & Pearls - a great combination.

Marlene- Thank you - glad you liked my 'little bit' of Valentine decor!
Actually this table is made up of a 'few' Valentine things with lots of fru fru added!
So I guess I did a good job with what I had!

PM..Thank you for such sweet comments.
Red & white - with pearls & roses - who can resist that look for Valentine's Day!
As far as those heart boxes, I bought them last year.
I should have mentioned that I added the red ribbon bows
to them.

Luvs...Thank you!
I thought you'd enjoy that floral dish with the gold!

You're too funny, I've done that too...forgetting what decorations I have until I see something here.
Now get those little cherubs out.
I remember your beautiful Valentine display with your cherubs and large apothecary jars.

Thanks again everyone!

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Jane, this is so beautiful! The eye is automatically drawn to the runner and pearls.
Love the plates and goblets too.
The cherub looks great, but Karen is furious you sprayed it, LOL, just kidding!
A wonderfully romantic table! Great job!

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LOL, if she had sprayed it black I might have been a tiny bit furious.

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Thanks Kathleen..I've been enjoying all your tables too.
as far as repainting Karen's cherub...
I just wanted to give him a more creamier look!
I didn't want her to think I didn't like him 'as is'!! lol

Karen..too funny!
Glad you liked the end results!!


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Jane, I was sure I had posted here, but either I forgot to hit submit, or it went to cyberspace land, I don't know what happened.
Love it!! A perfect balance of red and white, and the layering, draping, and pearling were done with an artists eye!
I especially like the angle shot of the entire table!

The cherub looks quite happy with his new "coat" of white. What a lovely gift from a lovely friend.

A pearl-fect table!


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