battery jump-starters

rob432December 29, 2007

while at a big box store i came across a 300 amp portable, rechargable jump starter for $20.00. can these things be left in the trunk of a car for a month in say 20 degree weather and still work? is '300 instant starting amps" enough? thank you!

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They want $20.00 for a 300 amp battery when a 18 amp jell
cell costs $60.00. I wonder about that. Remember that a
battery looses 50 pecent of it's power at 0 degs. F. Do the
math. Don't even think of jumping your battery with that system. It is supposed to be back fed through your cigar lighter and hope there isn't a diode in the system. to answer your question, Yes, It will be fine in the trunk at
20 degs. Your cars heat will bring the trunk temp up.

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I have I bet the same one your talking about?Menards had them and they carry the Peak branded name.The problem with this model is it only has 300 amps.I fell for it during there after thanksgiving sale.Then I realised this thing is only 300 amps.Then Sears had a 750 amp Diehard brand with a light for $50.00 I bought one and feel confident with it.I will keep the little 300 amp model to jump start a lawn mower LOL.

They do not have anything to do with you cars cigar lighter.They hook directly to your battery.So no problems there as mentioned above.The Sears manual saids it will discharge faster in warm weather then cold.Just be sure to charge it up every 30 days to put the charge back it may have lost.

I keep a good battery in my car.But had people asking me for a jump start.I refuse to do that and felt bad.So now I can help them with out my car being involved.

You can loose a little power with 750 amps.But 300 does not give you much to loose during discharge.Do your self a favor and spend a little more for the Sears.

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yep,your 100% correct girlfriend had a new starter put on her car last it sometimes need a jump in the cold.took it back to mechanic, nothing he could of done. i think its a coincidence. car does have a new battery. any luck the jump starter may work? thank you

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Yes get the 750 or larger and it will work.My dad has a older Caddy that has a short that draws the battery down if it sits for awhile.Works good on that V-8.

Ask the security guys at your local mall they use them often when someones car will not start.Ask the used car lot guys they use them all the time.

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During a long power failure a few years back I ran essential household items (under 300 watts total) off an an inverter connected to one of those rechargeable battery packs. I would recharge it periodically off of a vehicle while driving.

They work okay for jump starting a car if the car is the battery is not too far gone - like the Caddy mentioned by JohnDeere, where it sits and the voltage gets a little too low to start it. In super cold weather it would help a lot if the battery pack was warm when you used it - for instance if it was in a warm house or another heated vehicle immediately before you took it out to use it. A big problem with jump starting is that often the connection between the booster battery and the battery in the dead vehicle is poor, and with 12 volts you need a good connection to get enough amps through to do the job. So sometimes you need another vehicle with the engine running, and then leave it hooked up long enough to charge the dead battery some, because you cannot get enough amps through the connection you have to actually turn the starter on the vehicle with the dead battery.

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