clock stays on in fiero after motor off!

vacuumfreakDecember 18, 2006

Hello! I have a Pontiac Fiero... I think it's from 87. The clock on the radio stays on after the car is off and I am worried about it draning the battery. Can anyone tell me what could cause this, or how to fix it? Thanks!

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I haven't worked on one of these in years so refresh my memory. Does the clock have an LED or LCD display? If it's LCD, there would be very little (ie. normal

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It is green, so I am assuming LCD... and it is the stock radio. Just the clock stays on after the engine is off, and key is out and doors are closed... I don't understand!

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Those radios have 2 leads (each with its own fuse): one for playing, tuther for maintaining the memory ie stored stations includng the clock. Unless your battery is belly up it won't affect it aytall and probly not even then. You may disconnect it but that will lose the time and the stored stations - a pain - and a driving distraction.

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MXYPLX is right. It's designed that way and you ain't
fixing it unless your disconnect the red wire. Leave it

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