Where to find 18" deep vanities

mdp0430March 16, 2013

We have a very small full bath and I need to use an 18" deep vanity. I would like to keep the length 42".

Does anyone know where to look? I would hate the expense of going custom and can't seem to find any at Lowe's, HD, local showrooms, etc. Has to be 18" deep...

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Ikea vanities are 18" deep and you'll find a few others at some of the online sites like premierevanities.com. You may have to compromise on the length a bit if you don't want to go custom, though. For ikea, stick to godmorgon or hemnes. The older lines are kind of shoddy in comparison to these. (There are also nice shallow vanities available from places like ronbow and duravit, but they're at least as much as custom.)

It wouldn't hurt to follow overstock for a while, although they don't always have any that depth.

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Don't rule out custom. We had a local guy make us modified versions of the Sonia Europa vanities, for a lot less than the originals. We needed a very shallow vanity for our guest bathroom. and the size, layout, and style of the Sonia vanity (with overall, drawer, and open space height modifications) worked perfectly for our needs.

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These are very scarce, was looking for one also, going to make my own. Home Depot, and Lowes only have one style (very low end looking). Would just google 18" Vanity, be warned for whatever reason the smaller something is the higher in price. Wayfair has one for $479 without the top or sink. Also check out empire industries

Here is a link that might be useful: empire industries

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I've been searching for this also over the past week. I've found Strasser that are available online from HD as well as other online sites and at showrooms. When we redid our master last year we purchased our vanity from our kitchen designer. Many kitchen cabinet makers also do vanities.

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Add me to the list of people looking for an 18" deep vanity. The Strasser ones look nice but they seem really expensive for what they are. The Empire ones look really cheaply made in the pictures.

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We chose ikea Godmorgon vanity and love it. We wanted the extra aisle space for ADA possible wheel chair access. But as it turns out, we love the shallow depth of the vanity without the ADA consideration. it is so nice to get close up to the mirror.
We chose the white stained oak - has a rustic modern finish - reallly like it though I had my contractor put an extra coat of polyurethane on it - also, he installed an undermount sink and did some "hacking" to modify the cabinet drawers a little bit. Looks wonderful. highly recommend. We used a bank of 3 horizontal cabinets - Rubrik I think for above the counter. The white Rubrik goes well with the Godmorgon. Does have quite a modern look which we like. It will be interesting to see how long it will last.

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I'd love to see a picture of your vanity. It sounds really nice.

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We remodeled our "galley" bathroom which is long and narrow four years ago. Bertch makes beautiful vanities in numerous styles that should work. Mine is 18 inches deep with a top that measures 19 inches deep. At the time, I did not like the tops that were available, but I was recently looking at some other products and was told that Bertch added granite and other choices for the 18 inch vanities. We went with a countertop that has a granite look and is called Terre Stone. Major Regret! The first was flawed and so was the replacement, but I just wanted to have my bathroom sink back, so I did not force them to sent a third. Wish I had gone with Corian; it is in my other bath, and I love it. I was penney wise and pound foolish on that one; not that the Terre Stone was cheap; just cheaper.

Bertch has a website so you can find a local dealer. Numerous places here in western PA carry their line.

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Yeah, we just installed an Ikea godmorgon vanity over the weekend. Our bath is still in-progess, but here is a crumby, night cell-phone pic. The vanity is 47" x 18", but they have a 39/40" length, too.

All around, it's a pretty swanky vanity. The storage is fantastic. The dual sinks are sooooo much nicer than the crumby cultured marble sink we had prior. Plumbing it was less than fun, but very doable.

Good luck!

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Xand83, did you use the ikea rinnen plumbing, or any part of it?

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Yup, used all of the Rinnen plumbing bits, and then some. It took a little re-jiggering as our contractor placed the waste pipe in the center of the vanity, but added a long elbow that threw the plumbing off-center. So, after buying some 1 1/4" extension pieces, and lengthening an overflow hose, it works perfectly.

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If you don't mind ordering the countertop and sink separately, go to the kitchen dept of HD & probably Lowes. In the really thick Kraftmaid catalog that the salespeople have that have lots of options that most people don't know about, there are 18" d by 42" wide bath sink base vanities--I just had my computer drawing done by HD today for our bath remodel.

Also, I picked up a Kraftmaid BATH catalog at Lowes a week ago that has combinations of bath vanities and countertops that you can put together that come 18" deep. However, I like the ones in the HD Kraftmaid catalog better, because you can get the 42" wide 18" deep with drawers down both sides.


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Thanks, xand83.

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ALL (well most!) manufacturers offer 18" deep vanities as well as 21". I went with Showplace Wood Products in a "furniture style". It has real dresser legs....not just 'bun feet' applied in front of the toekick. I LOVE the extra openness it creates.

My bath pics are posted on a thread called "1930's Aqua and White Bathroom" or something like that. Here's a pic below. I have a total of 6 drawers. The top two were dummy drawers that we converted ourselves.


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I'll be one more chiming in for the Ikea Godmorgan cabinets, especially when combined with their Odensvik sinks (the ones with single or double rectangular bowls and about 2-1/4" thick). The combination looks seriously high-end, although it's quite inexpensive, and I'd choose it over most cabinets and vanity tops I've seen at 3x to 4x the price. I used the 120cm (47"w) - though several other widths are available - the gloss-grey cabinet fronts, and wall-mounted it. I don't care for ikea's faucets, so used an elegant, yet mainstream-brand, squared-off waterfall faucet (must be single hole). The plumbing included with the sinktop allows the drain pluming to run immediately to the back, thus allowing the drawers to be tall and deep, with almost no protrusions from the plumbing. The dark-wood cabinet color option includes a nice set of handles that unfortunately aren't sold separately or available with other colors - I don't care for the top-lip pulls that are included with the other colors and will use different pulls purchased separately, as yet undecided.

No shortage of other 18"d deep cabinets and tops though. They're all over the place nowadays. If you want something fancier, look at Ronbow, or Keuco, or if you have a Porcelanosa store in your area (or on porcelanosa-usa.com), look there. Or Geberit or Duravit. Ferguson sells many - don't recall brands. And Home Depot and Lowes both have 18" vanities, though more often in the shorter widths.

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oooh such pretty bathrooms! Would love to demo mine. Gettin antsy :)

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lee676, I think these are the coolest handles ever for the gray godmorgon, although these particular ones are discontinued, I think. But if you could find something similar.... (click for larger image)

Modern Bathroom by Gibsons Interior Designer Dawna Jones Design

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Those sure look great, although I don't know how easy they'd be to grasp. Those look just like the wall sconce lights I used too. My faucet is this reasonably priced Phister unit:


The Ikea Glira cabinet pulls are a perfect match to the faucet handle and sides, look great, and are cheap, but feel thin and chintzy too. So I'm still looking.

Another good brand for 18"d (or thereabouts") vanities is Laufen. I think they were what Ikea was trying to imitate with the Godmorgan, right down to the displaced plumbing. They have lots of small but efficient contemporary sinks, cabinets, tubs, and showers.

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lee676, another option would be to use push latches instead of pulls. I think there's a bathroom on houzz someplace where they used the Utrusta latches from the Besta series for a really clean look.

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Never thought of that - it may work - the Ikea push latches are of high quality and work nicely. But they'll need to help latch and unlatch a sustantially heavier drawer full of stuff in this application rather than just a swinging hinged door, and wonder if they'l be weighted properly for deep-drawer use. Also if the insides of the doors would wear out or at least collect fingerprints and grime from being pulled open from there. Still, it would leave the clean lines intact and is original - I may try it.

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FWIW, here's the thread I saw on houzz. Finally found it.

Here is a link that might be useful: godmorgon with besta push latches

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Try BarkerCabinets. They make RTA cabinets in just about any size you want. The construction is 3/4" finished maple ply that is very sturdy. Several door choices. If you want anything other than white, or clear finished you need to finish it yourself. You can buy a sample cabinet and doors if you want to see how they are made or practice on finishing techniques.

And they are made in USA, not those Chinese made RTA cabinets

Here is a link that might be useful: Barker Cabinets

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I got one made by Fresca, www.discountbathroomvanities.com it is furniture style

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