why won't gas siphon work??

jaansuDecember 1, 2005

I bought a gas siphon so I could fill my lawnmower when I forget, as usual, to fill the can. But even when the tank on my Odessey or Camry is nearly full and I push the Tygon tube down past the spring-action flap, I don't seem to reach gas. The end of the line remains dry when I pull it back after the tube stops going further. What trick am I missing? Do modern cars not allow siphoning anymore? Is there a sharp corner that the tube can't get by? Am I just a moron?

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There desighned that way so gas will not remain in the filler tube of your vehical.If they were not every skum bag would have a siphon hose and gas can and go to the mall for a fill up.Its not that they care if your gas gets swiped.Its there afraid the thief will spill it and then the tree huggers would have a fit and call the EPA and the next thing you know.There digging up the parking lot and hauling it off to a sight for Haz Mat cleanup.

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Don't most gas doors lock and are not accessable to the thief? Does this mean you can't siphon gas, period?

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you can siphon fuel, on SOME cars. I say some because I've tried with quite a few different ones over the years and some are easy while others can be a real PITA. The first thig is that you have to use a small diameter hose to get to the fuel. I went to Home Depot and bought some clear vinyl tubing that they sell in bulk on those giant spools. I use 2 seperate pieces of tubing that are different diameters to siphon with and it works great. I bought 20' of 1/4" ( I.D. ) and 10' of 3/8" ( I.D. ) to do it with. I bought enough of each knowing I'd have x-tra but I wanted to be sure to get it all the way down into the tank. First, take the smaller tubing and gently feed it down into the tank, you may have to spin it around as you fed it in but it should go. If the tubing stops and will not go any further, remove it & check to see if there is gas on it. If you find that it made it all the way down into the tank great, if not, DO NOT FORCE IT, you might be running into the fuel pump and you could damage it if you force the tubing further. Gently try it again and it should go. Now take the larger diameter tubing and cut off a couple of feet and insert it into the filler neck along side the smaller tubing. Next, get a rag and wrap it around both pieces of tubing right where they enter the filler neck. Now if you have a compressor, don't worry if you don't as I'll tell you how to do it without one, put the blow gun attachment on and insert the end in the SHORT HOSE (the bigger one). I use a blower attachment that has a tapered rubber end on it and it fits perfect but you can use the ones that have a metal tip and they work too. Now while you hold the rag down, give a few bursts of air and watch the small line to see if Fuel is coming out, it helps to put the tubing into a large gas can rather than directly into the Lawn Mower because it might overfill the Mower and make a mess. If you don't get Gas at first, and you're sure the tubing is far enough down so it's getting to the Gas, try it again with longer bursts of air and make sure that the rag is tight & isn't allowing any air to escape. Once the Gas starts flowing, you can remove the short hose and continue filling your container. If you don't have a Compressor then you can just blow into the large tube but this may take a few more attempts to get the siphon started. Hope this helps you out, and let us know how you did.

Take care

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Most gas tanks on todays cars cannot be siphoned because of the anti roll over valve. This valve is designed to prevent fuel from leaking out of the tank if the vehicle is overturned in an accident. It also does an excellent job of preventing a hose from being slid down the filler neck and into the fuel.

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Does anyone know of a way to work around this anti siphon valve, so gas could be siphoned out of an 05 Grand Cherokee Jeep Ltd i.e. removal of the anti roll over valve, installation of an on-off valve on lower side of the tank itself, etc???

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There are few if any viable options for pulling fuel from that vehicle without risking leaks and losing fuel to the atmosphere.

Removal of the roll-over valve (if possible) could leave a future vehicle owner or yourself in danger of a fuel leak and possible fire in an accident.

If you need a small gas can for the mower, ect, simply buy one and fill it at the station as needed. JMHO.

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For your lawnmower... right.

Buy a big gas can and fill it in the spring. Unless you have acres of lawn, it should last the summer.

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raisin's are delicious! so aren't yams!

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I couldn't agree with you more Weck! I believe raisin's and yams are delicious. The only thing I enjoy more is peanut butter and..... possibly squash? I don't know, I really love raisin's and yam's so it is a close call on which I love more. Thanks for the opinion, and I couldn't agree with you more!
-Ethan VanWaldenburg

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PLUOTS!!! I forgot all about my favorite food pluots. Raisin's and yam's are great, but no comparable to pluots.

-Ethan Vanwaldenburg

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