Finished 1930's Hall Bath: Aqua & White

kompyMarch 13, 2013

I purchased a home 2 years ago after my divorce. The fixer-upper came with great bones and an awesome main level floor plan...but the hall bathroom was G-R-O-S-S! I can't believe it took me this long to do it.

My 11 year old son and I did the demo ourselves. We hired a plumber and a carpenter to do the rest. I am a KD so had some good people to help me out.

Everything is done now, except I have a crystal door knob on order from Rejuvenation.

Tub/Surround: Kohler Sterling Ensemble Series Tub/Shower "Vikrell"

Beadboad: Nantucket Beadboard (

Vanity: Showplace Wood Products; Concord Cherry Inset with Antique Vintage Distressed finish: Low Sheen.

Top: Silestone Quartz Surfacing "Lagoon". Looks like Carrara White Marble!!! Breeze to wipe clean...and SHINES so nice!

Tile: Florida Tile (Hex) Black and White with Charcoal Grout

Mirror: Antique came with house

Sconce Lights: Minka Lavery Hyllcastle Chrome 18" Wide Bath Bar. Ribbed glass Style # P5672

Chrome Train Rack: Tuesday morning $29.99

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Are you ready for the BEFORE??? 1960's dark paneling throughout. Acoustical ceiling tiles, dark Formica wood grain cabinet, fake marble Formica countertop, vinyl floor....original tub....1960's tile was literally falling off in the tub area. On the bright side, it was a fairly easy demo! : -)

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Debbi Branka

Awesome transformation!!! Great work and I love the colors you chose!

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Oh~ I so wanted to do a black and white hex floor, but I chickened out. I love yours! Your bathroom is so bright, and fresh and, well, it feels happy to me! Enjoy!

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Thanks Deb and Sparklebread! I love it so much now. It was so dark, dreary...and just so WORN out before. The tub was icky. Now, I really enjoy being in the space. I have a small white built in space heater...recessed in to the wall. You can't see it in the photo...but it keeps the bathroom toasty in the mornings.

The hex tiles are so easy to take care of. Why did you chicken out Sparkle? We went with the charcoal grout (one step lighter than black).

I just started my kitchen not done yet. :-)
THis is FUN!

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What did you do on the ceiling? That acoustic tile (?) was something I'd have been looking to get rid of. Love the bright, clean colors! (And good riddance to those "curtains" - yikes!)

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suzannes, We put in a new drywall ceiling and ran crown molding around the entire room.

The "curtains" were dark wooden shutters with really scratchy, horsefeed bag fabric with orange threads through it. It was pretty bad. :-) I can't imagine this bathroom ever being pretty...even when it was brand new. I wonder what they thought?!?

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Oh my! That was one seriously ugly bathroom before! What a transformation to the fresh and bright room it is now. I love all of your choices and think that the color is fantastic. The towels are perfect for the room.

But my favorite part is that you and your eleven year old son did this together. I hope this new space brings years of enjoyment. I can't wait to see what the two of you do together in your kitchen.

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In the 70s, or even late 60s, the wood paneling would have been kind of "in," and perhaps the feedsack curtains were sort of hippy-dippy chic. That vanity shape probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but the owners were likely over it after the first month. But, yeah, yuck. So much better now!

I do admit to using paneling in our children's bedroom in the 70s, but at least it was only half-wall and it had bright Noah's Ark wallpaper on the upper half. The boys lived with Noah's Ark until they were in middle school, poor things. The youngest got back at us (unintentionally) by putting those glow in the dark stars all over. We were still chipping those off last year when we finally did a real makeover in there.

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Oh, that's lovely! Plus I'm having a serious love affair with teal/aqua/turquoise at the moment, so I'm "green" with envy! It looks so open and airy even though it's a smallish space, amazing. I bet you smile when you walk in there just like I do in my remodeled bath. Looking forward to your kitchen!

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What a difference! Dark and dreary to bright and cheery!

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So cute! I love the colors and the vintage look.

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Super nice!

Could you post a pic of the "lagoon" up-close, without the reflection? It sounds like a really smart choice.

The paint color is terrific.

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Pretty! I especially love the wall color choice as it makes the bathroom so cheery while the other details are classy vintage choices. It's a great combination. Thank you for sharing!

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Love it and truly a WOW when I see the before picture! That paneling was all the rage in the 70's wasn't it? Especially in that color. Brings me back to my preteen years!

What tile did you use for the shower walls and what is the wall color? Love that color. I too would love to see a close up of your Lagoon....also the floor and those cool sconces.
Great job!

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What a refreshingly gorgeous and colorful bathroom!! So nice to see after the years and years of seeing all the neutral colors used by so many builders and remodellers. Just beautiful and would make me smile every time I walked in.

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wow! what a transformation! the colors you chose are lovely!

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Wow, it is beautiful (and it sure was not in the "before"...)

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My goodness. What a transformation. I love the aqua.

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Thanks everybody! Several of my friends questioned my choice of such a bold color. They said go more pastel. I will try to post pics of the Lagoon closeup (it's hard to photograph), the wall color and the floor. I am at work now, but I believe I have some pics here that I took along the way during construction that will suffice.

I'm not sure how to post multiple pics anymore since photobucket changed their website. Ugh!

Here's the best I have of the Silestone Lagoon. Photos cannot capture its beauty!!!!! It has a LOT more depth to it than Caesarstone Misty Carrara. It definitely shows more the Misty Carrara shows more greyish, IMO.

It is so beautiful, I am considering it for my kitchen as well (under construction now!!!)


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Wow, you did a fantastic job, kompy! It looks great.

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Here is a closeup view of my sconces: Minka Lavery "Hyllcastle". They are very well made and HEAVY! The ribbed glass has a greenish cast to it that looks really cool. My electrician put them on a dimmer so they can go as low as a 'nightlight' effect up to super bright! They have a retro 1930's look to them. The chrome is heavy gauge and not flimsy at all. I highly recommend these fixtures.

Click the link below to see the manufacturer's stock photo. They sell for about $140 per fixture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Minka Lavery Hyllcastle

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Here's a closeup of the floor just prior to grout. Be careful on this type of floor....when installing, it can make your eyes go crossed and wacky! A definite eye strain. My installer boo-booed and got some of the black dots out of alignment and had to take a few extra hours the next day to fix it.

It was so hard to detect, I never noticed anal coworker did! I'm glad it got fixed. I'm sure I would have eventually seen it.

These are by Florida Tile.
I used a charcoal grout. Photo is shown without grout.

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I'm not 100% sure on the paint color. I had pulled a sample from the Behr display at Home Depot. I'm fairly certain it was Behr's "Aqua Bay" #480C-3. However, I went to my local Ace Hardware and got this color matched...primarily out of laziness. Ace is a mile from me...and Home Depot is a 25 minute drive. I'll try to confirm the color ASAP if I can find that color sample.

I almost went with the next lighter color, Pastel Jade. But my boyfriend talked me in to the bolder color. The lightest one on the sample, "Light Mint" is also very pretty....all three are nice!

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Great job! That color combo is so refreshing and appropriate to the age of your home. Enjoy!

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I just had to let you know that we saw a tub undermounted in the Silestone and I think we made a decision on our vanity counters and tub deck. DH also saw a basketweave marble mosaic floor he really like and had me go see. Any mosaic I've shown him he has said looks too busy, but now I've got him on board for something like that -- or a large grey tile, depending on some other retails we're still looking at. I have marble in my kitchen, but I'm thinking Silestone for the bathroom (where all the cleaners, soaps, lotions, potions and mineral makeup reside). They have come a long way.

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I love it! Such a great color that makes it a happy bathroom! And if you get tired of it, it's just a quick coat of paint to give it a totally different feel because the bones are perfect.

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Looks great! I love the floor and the wall color.

I am also thinking about the Sterling surround/tub. However, all the Sterling tubs that I saw had a nonslip textured floor. It looked like it might be hard to keep clean and end up looking dingy. What has your experience been? Are you happy with the Sterling?

Do you have any close ups of the tub and/or surround?

thanks so much! Kristine

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Thanks for the additional photos and details. Enjoy!

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Kompy, I just love your bathroom. You did a great job. I think I might steal your floor for my own bathroom! We love hex tiles but were worried about the grout getting dirty. Using the charcoal grout should take care of that problem.

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kristine, I'm attaching the only photo I have of the Sterling Tub/Surround. So far, we love it!!!! Cleaning is so easy. But so far it hasn't really gotten grimey or dirty looking. It always looks clean! We have had to clean the shampoo ledges and the tub ledges and I've cleaned the tub bottom once. If you want.....I can take more pictures for you in better detail (closeup).

jerzeegirl, Thanks! I hate to admit this, but I have yet to mop down this bathroom floor completely...just around the toilet once or twice so far and once along the tub area. Dirt and dust do not show up much at all on this floor! I was surprised by that! And the charcoal grout is awesome. The Hex tiles from Florida have a soft, matte feeling to they feel great under your feet.

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Thanks for the pic--it looks really nice! Was there any special name for the tub you got or was it just the one that went with the ensemble surround? Is the bottom of the tub textured?

If it's not too much trouble, I would love a pic of the bottom of the tub.

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kristine, Sorry, I just saw your last message. Now that I've had the tub and surround for over a year, I will tell you this (although I'm sure you are done with your project): If I had to do it all over again and I had the extra $$$, I would have gotten a Kohler cast iron bathtub and a tile bath surround. I'm thinking it would have cost an extra grand. But I was already over budget for the bathroom with my kitchen still to do. The bottom of the Sterling tub IS textured and it does require a little bit more elbow grease.

But I am still crazy happy with my new bathroom. I love waking to it every morning. Everything has held up well....the beadboard from Nantucket Beadboard is superior! It's designed to be moisture resistance and perfect for bathrooms. It looks as good today as it did last year. No wear and tear at all on the paint....not even near the sink! My quickie purchase $99 faucet from Home Depot, due to being in a hurry....turned out to be one of my favorite things about my bathroom. The faucet is easy to turn on and off and a breeze to keep clean. I'll never again feel the need to do a more vintage looking, wide spread faucet with both hot and cold again. I love the mix of the modern style (sleek) faucet mixed with my vintage choices.


Ps. Since doing this bath, I have found out that the city records for my home is incorrect. My house was built before 1927....probably 1925. I found the original owner's CHANCE! In fact, I was doing his kitchen remodel and we got to talking....his grandparents were the first owners of my house and his mom graduated from the H.S. by my house in 1927. The grandson is now in his late 60's or early 70's. He sent me a ton of pictures. AMAZING!

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I love your bathroom and want a similar look for my small master bath remodel. I'm converting my tub/shower combo to a shower only and am considering going grout-free with the a sterling vikrell shower. I just read your comment that if you could do it again you would go with a cast iron tub and tile. If you don't mind, could you elaborate on why? Are you are unhappy with the vikrell? Does it look cheap? Is it holding up? Is it easy to keep clean?

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Wow, that is just lovely! What a change from the dark 1970's look. I remember that dark paneling, it was very popular and I remember wishing we had it in our house. Ugh! What were we thinking back then? Your bath is just perfect, bright and cheerful with a warm, cozy feel to it. Nice job!

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"I just read your comment that if you could do it again you would go with a cast iron tub and tile. If you don't mind, could you elaborate on why? Are you are unhappy with the vikrell? Does it look cheap? Is it holding up? Is it easy to keep clean?"

I think that an enameled cast iron tub just looks more original to an older 1925 home like mine and yes, it does look more high end to do that kind of tub with a tile surround. It just does.

That being said, for what it cost, I am happy with the performance. It wasn't very expensive at all so I thought that in 10-20 years, I could always re-do the tub and tile the walls. Also....I must say, What scared me off from tile some, was that I had water dripping in to my kitchen from the old original tile job. I was putting in a new kitchen (Ka-ching!!!), so I decided for the budget friendly choice and water resistant choice.

How does it clean? It cleans up great! The only areas that need extra attention is the lip where the tub meets the surround and the 'textured' bottom near the drain. Other than that, it looks as good today as when I put it in about 2 years ago.

Thanks hpny!!!!! I still love going in to this room every day!


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Awesome transformation kompy. I love your choices; really works with house.

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