Help - Zephyr or Kobe Island Range Hood?

dbmyMarch 21, 2012

I've spent hours and hours trying to read everything I can about hoods on gardenweb. Am now trying to decide between a KOBE or a ZEPHYR range hood -- Sound, looks, service, ease of cleaning (specifically on the Kobe where there are oil cups).

we're specifically looking for a 42" ISLAND range hood w/ 700 CFM for a 36" rangetop w/ 60,000 BTU. We have a 12' ceiling so w/ the Kobe we'll have to build a soffit; the zephyr has an extension to 12'.

We're trying to stay under $2000.

We've ruled out (by reading posts on gardenweb & doing research): Broan (way too loud at higher settings), Spagna Vetro/ Cavaliere (conflicting info not sure if its too good to be true or what), Proline (bad bad service and quality). Miele, Thermador, Dacor, ... all above our budget.

Please -- any folks out there with Zephyr or Kobe Range Hoods ... please share your review of them. Ideally an Island range hood but any feedback on your experience will help.

many thanks - dbmy

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I just purchased a Zephyr Milano Island hood. Main reason, the sone is .5 on low and obviously higher as one increases the intensity. Still the lowest from the hoods i compared. The other thing I liked is the glass on the milano. I didn't want to take away from a gorgeous forrest view. It was definitely a great decision.
Added note; the salesman I bought it from suggested putting the hood on 15 - 20 minutes ahead of cook time on low and leave it on low during cooking. He said if I leave it off and then place it on a higher number that it wouldn't be as effective as getting the airflow running ahead of time. It really does work and it is so quiet my son went to put it on for me and it was already on!

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Can you tell me what you decided on if you're still around? I am looking at a Zephyr Monsoon 42 to put over my CC 36" 6 burner rangetop. Being quoted 1800 for it up in Canada. Open to other ideas...


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I have no personal experience, but from my reading on the forums, Kobe makes great quiet hoods. I don't know about the Zephyr.


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3waller, I am also looking at that same one, well at least an insert, but I am also considering the "dcbl" model since it is quieter, but it does reduce the CFMS. I also love that the dcbl model has the LED as opposed to halogen lights on it. Not sure if it will work with a BS 36" 6 burner or not yet though, might have to stick with the traditional monsoon model for the added CFMs.

I was quoted $1,069 (USD) for the Monsoon II (model# AK9340AS) in a 42" (40 3/8) model and the DCBL (model# AK9440A) in the same size was quoted to me at $1,069.

We have not looked at these in person to hear them, but I love the looks of them so far online.


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Thank you everyone. We ended up going with the ZEPHYR NAPOLI as we have a 12 foot ceiling and this one had a duct cover extension to accomodate that

It was quite a chore finding one in stock but after about 2 dozen phone calls, we found it and the extension. While we haven't moved into the house yet (still finishing the remodel), it looks great and the sound even on super high is not too bad.

Here is a link that might be useful: zephyr napoli

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Thanks Phil and dbmy. Couple questions:

dbmy - you don't have an external blower do you? Wondering if that's required with the Monsoon II, it has 1200 cfm.

Phil - mind if I ask where you were quoted that price? It's 1800 to me in Canada, I'd drive to the border to pick one up.



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I am working with a place in the Chicago are call Grand Appliances and TV. My prices are also based upon me buying most, if not all, of our appliances through them I forgot to mention that, sorry.


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beintruth : I am looking at purchasing a 42" Zephyr milano island hood. Do you have any additional feedback now that you have used your hood for sometime. How is the suction power? Is the glass portion of the vent easy to clean? how difficult was installation?

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philwojo --- the zephyr napoli we purchased has an internal blower 780 CFM. we've gotten it installed -- and while its certainly not silent at the highest level -- we figured it would only be on the highest level for brief periods. The hood is goodlooking and a lot sleeker at 42" than some of the other brands (which are really big/thick). Since we have it hanging down from a 12 foot ceiling between a family room and kitchen (in fact, you can see it when you walk in front door -- its a very large home but w/ a very open floor plan) was important to us that it also look good w/out being totally overpowering. So far we're very pleased.

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