What is this hoodgey-wob? (kitchen)

petesmomFebruary 27, 2012

I feel very dumb to ask this, but just spent 30 minutes googleing to try and figure out what it is and what it is called. Please inform the village idiot

What I am talking about is the little "lever" that I sometimes see above stoves. DH said that he thinks it is a little faucet for when you need water while cooking...well what in the heck is it called?

Is it costly to put one in?

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If it's for water, it's known as a 'pot filler', which pretty much describes its purpose.

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Its called a pot filler.

Expensive is relative. You need the cold water supply and you need to buy the pot filler faucet itself, so extra plumbing and the cost of the faucet. Unlike regular sink faucets which go from very cheap to very expensive, I don't think they make cheap pot fillers.

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Thank you.

Pot filler, you would think it would have a fancy name. I am going to have to admit to DH that he was right.

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so extra plumbing and the cost of the faucet

And in some jurisdictions, a requirement for a floor drain.

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Hello... Love your question!... If you want some detailed
info about Pot Fillers, check out my website page dedicated to them. I'm a kitchen designer and posted the info I have learned... do's and dont's... good Pictures.
My clients love them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Designing with pot fillers - www.designingrichmondhome.com

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DesigningRichmond, would you please stop spamming!

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