4.3 Needs Starting Fluid to Start

fire-fighterDecember 1, 2009

After all the issues I had with Motor running like crap that issue is Fixed!! Replaced temp sensor in front of TBI. There are 2 Temp sensors on these Chevy motors. One runs the gauge and the other tells ECM how warm it is. Now the issue is to get it running I have to spray starting fluid in while cranking to get it to run. After its running its fine. I let it run for 30 minutes and shut it off. Went back to drive it a few hours later it wont start again without fluid. Fuel lines are replaced with rubber hoses. Thanks to all of you that wrote in on other issue and thanks to all of you that write in on this one!!!

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Fuel lines replaced with rubber hoses??

Good thing your a fire fighter, suspect you'll be getting some extra practice soon.

Need ether to get this started? The way I teach discovered problems like this is for the technician to start all of the diagnostics at the beginning as if he/she had never seen the car before today. Follow my previous outline about how fuel delivery is calculated, and then trimmed.

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