Automatic locking differential

jerry_njDecember 4, 2005

Last summer I was shopping for a replacement for my 1988 Dodge Ram 50 4WD. I was looking for something similar and focused on the Ford Ranger and the Chevy Colorado. I was looking for a basic truck but was considering again buying 4WD. Then I learned that GM has offers an automatic locking differential at a minimum cost, about $300 as I remember. Ford does not. So, I purchased the Colorado. I figured from experience I didn't have much need for a 4WD and if the ALD would get me up my driveway hill that's good enough. Today we had about 3" of snow in NorthCentral NJ. I went right out to give the antilock breaks (the Dodge didn't have, they may not have been available back then, and it did a very poor job of stopping) and ALD. We share this portion of the drive with two neighbors, and as I reached the top of the unplowed drive I saw one neighbor trying to come up with a newer front wheel drive and not making it, so I had proof that a regular unloaded pickup with only rear wheel drive was "dead meat". I went down, hit the breaks a bit hard, they worked well, went the store and came back. I stopped at the bottom of the upgrade to give the maximum test. The truck walked right up the hill, and I even tried to accelerated. I could feel the rearend slipping a bit, but it kept climbing and picking up speed. The ALD worked GREAT, I highly recommend it.

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This is good news, particularly for GM.And for the millions who do have to drive in the snow..
Seems to be an excellent option, this automatic locking differential..
Jerry, why not post this same message on the GM Insider forum - they can stand some cheering up..
And I wonder if Nissan and Toyota offer this ??

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I'll look up the GM Insider Forum.

Speaking of looking up I do not see this Car Forum on the Garden Web "Home Site" any more. The only way I found to get here was to search for automotive topics, then go to one, and then get to the Car Forum. I did this time bookmark, but I still wonder. Where has the forum management hid this forum?

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Go to the garden web home page, then select "home forums" along the top, then in the middle of the page, it's listed under "MISCELLANY".

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Thanks, I have it bookmarked. Before "the" forum decided to redesign it's "ths" home page all I had to do was go to "ths" and there were most of the forums I'm interested in. Now CARS is hidden away. In the old, and new, "ths" home page I have to go to the garden section to get to Tractors and Tool Shed, two others I lilke.

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There should be a garage and workshop section of the forum, rather than having the workshop buried someplace and the cars listed under "Miscellany"..
But this is still one great forum.
What is "ths" ??

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I think "ths" stands for "this home site", or "the home site"

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