Help troubleshoot fuel pump 92 c1500

formflierDecember 8, 2010

OK..I've got a 1992 Chevy c1500 2x4 with a 305 engine. As long as I keep the tank 3/4 full or better the truck keeps running. If you let it get lower than that it will act up and finally quit and leave you on the side of the road.

I've changed the fuel pumps down in the tank before..kinda a pain but was able to get it done.

what I don't remember is how to troubleshoot them to know for sure that it is a bad pump...before changing it out.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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It appears that the fuel pump can deliver enough if the tank is full. That means the pump runs and has enough pressure to run the engine. You did not mention any problem with the tank full. With a full tank, does the engine have full power without any fuel starving? Can pull hills ok? If so, the only thing I can think of is something is causing the fuel pump to starve when the tank drops below 3/4 full.

I believe that your fuel pickup is attached to the float assembly. It rises and falls with the float. What if the float assembly is sticking - not falling past a certain point. You would see the gas gage go down normally until it got to the 3/4 mark and then it would hang there for the next 50 miles or more, and then the engine leans out as the fuel level falls below the intake. If this is the case, when you proceed to service the tank, you will not be able to pump the tank down using the fuel pump. It will be sucking air when the tank is more than 1/2 full.

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