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joe_mnDecember 17, 2012

03 saturn vue. does not have keyless entry. found another 03 vue with keyless. been told the bcm controls keyless as there is the keyless hardware in bcm that differs from non-keyless cars. so, can i swap bcm's and go? i assume i need to have bcm reprogrammed. not sure why if car has same motor and trans? i think perhaps it is due to security issues? you can remove battery in car and replace it and car works fine. so why is swapping bcm from 1 car to another so complicated? said, tongue in cheek.

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Each BCM is programmed directly to the car with vin that is not able to changed once installed, I highly advise against using used bcm in that specific vehicle. BCM's are different between engine/transmissions. You will also need a Tech 2 (gm's scan tool) to properly program the new bcm. I used to work at saturn as a tech when they still had dealers and I used to replace atleast 1 bcm a week. Had a few instances where sears or similar shop tried to install a used bcm and couldn't get it to work right and ended up costing customer more. BCM is not cheap around 400 bucks new plus dealership will usually ask around an hour labor to install and reflash the unit.

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