Bosch wall oven w/ microwave or separate?

foodfiend_gardenerMarch 6, 2013

I have *almost* decided on the 800 series Bosch single wall oven (HBL8450UC) and built-in microwave (HMB8050), then I noticed that both pieces came in an all-in-one unit (HBL8750UC). The one piece is about $250 more than the individual units and I was just wondering what I should buy (maybe, I'm not totally set on that manufacturer just yet).

My concern is primarily about repair-- if the microwave needs repair, the entire unit will probably have to be removed from the wall, correct? And it would, of course, cost more and there's always that chance that removing the entire unit from the wall would somehow cause a problem with the single oven. With appliances, I always look to the worst possible scenario because of all of the horror stories I have heard, even with the more pricey manufacturers.

I'm going with Bosch because of reliability of repair and customer satisfaction data, but if anyone would like to suggest an alternate to look at...

Oh, and should I consider a single wall oven and separate undercounter drawer microwave?

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I always recommend separate appliances. It makes them easier to replace if one goes bad.

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I'm hoping that foodfiend will see this and let us know what they decided -- did you go with the Bosch ovens as one unit, or separate ovens, or something else? I've also been considering these models and am hoping to get feedback from anyone who owns one. Thanks!

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