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reekolaDecember 4, 2006

My son rolled down driver electric window (96 Toyota Avalon) in very cold weather and it got stuck. This happened last winter also. Mechanic said to push down on window when pushing the window button to "reset" the switch. I tried and tried but nothing happened. There is no motor sound when trying the switch. All other windows work fine with their switches in the main panel on driver door, which are lit. The driver window switch light is not on. I have appt. with mechanic tomorrow, but will try my own fix if any of you have some ideas.


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If you have the "express down" feature, it may be stuck in limbo because the "express-down" feature was engaged and it may not have completely made it all the way down to trigger the system back to 'normal' mode. There may be ice in the track(s) or the window seals are very stiff and/or stubbing on the glass.

Try pushing down on the glass to see if it will move a tad more. It might help to have an assistant hold the button/toggle switch in the down position, but not into the express down. If that doesn't budge anything, then repeat while momentarily moving the window switch into the 'express down' position. Be prepared to quickly remove power from the regulator motor in case its gets stalled and power continues to apply even though the window switch has been returned to neutral. To do this, turn the ignition key to off. If this does not remove power, the only option left that I know about is to undo a battery cable. It'll probably trip a breaker or blow a fuse before you can remove the battery cable.

that reminds me - look for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker for the power window circuit.

If you can't get the window to budge downward, is there enough glass sticking up that you asist it upward when pushing the "up" button"?

I suspect that the express-down feature needs a bit of adjustment at the bottom of the window's displacement.

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Thanks jemdandy! I tried pushing down hard on the window while pushing the down button (same as the express button, but don't hold down as long) many times with no results. Also tried pulling up when pulling up on the button to close window with no result. Did not look for fuse, as I saw that the other 3 windows were working and thought they would all be on the same fuse.

Unfortunately I did not get to read this until today, so it's at the mechanic now. I'll let you know what it was. Thanks again.

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