Nail in 'shoulder' of tire, slow leak

alan93December 1, 2008

I have a 4 wheel drive jeep with a tire that has a nail in shoulder with slow leak and is not repairable according to tires plus. They said putting a patch in that location would come off as soon as it is driven.

But they are not recommending 1 new tire but 2 due to it being 4 wheel drive and saying new tread and 50% wear old tread would cause transmission problems on same axel.

I am thinking of putting on an old same size tire with approximately same treadwear that is cheaper.

What would you do?

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Probably the same as you. But, why do you not believe the
tire company ? They are in the tire business. The difference in tread wear will not affect the transmission.
The tire company was too broad in their statment. Your
Transfer case will be affected as it tries to equilize
the different " bites " of warn tread and new tread.
( or traction ) in other words.

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I'd do the same as your thinking too. Put the best pair from what you have now on the front. jmo

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You might also ask if it's possible to put an inner tube in your tire.

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same thing happened in the wifes car same company said that it couldn't be fixed so as a stop gap i just pulled the nail found a screw abit bigger put contact cement on the screw screwed it in and it hasn't lost any air for over a year i probley should get a new set for her but we never take that car out of town,

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