Power Steering Rack Leaking

yan19454December 9, 2005

A few weeks I took my Saturn 2002 for the car dealership for change the oil. After that, I found the oil leak occasionally leak, I suspected the dealer did not tight up something after they changed the oil. I went back to the dealer. They told me my power steering rack leaking. The repair cost $1400. I asked them what is the cause. They could not explain to me. I just feel a lot puzzle. Last year I took my car for oil change, after the change, I found the noise, after that, I have a front frame bent which I have never have a accident, this time I have the power steering wheel rack leak. Which does not have explaination for the reason, too.

Any thought about that ?

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The dealer said they will monitor the leak and they would not fix right now. I am wondering what serious the problem. My car is 70,000. I hope it did not need to fix until the car retire.

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My power steering was leaking on two of my cars. I think the seals were drying out or shrinking or something. I asked my mechanic what he would do - he said try a PS stop leak product. I put Power Steering Stop Leak fluid in(Lucas brand Stop Leak on one and another name brand PS fluid with stop leak in the other)and both leaks have been stopped for about a year each. Much cheaper than replacing the power steering unit. Not sure if that is your problem, but worth a try in my opinion (but I'm not a mechanic or even close to knowing much about cars!). Others on this site should have better advice. Not sure if that stuff can damage other things or not, but it appears to have worked for my problem (for now, anyway).

Good Luck!

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Sounds like there doing damage putting your car on the lift rack to me?Since you have had problems after a oil change?You mention a bent frame thats what gives me the clue.

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I do not know whether it is coincident or something. Anyway I will try the power steering fluid. The leak did not happen every day. It is something related to weather and how big the turn I made. AS reekola stated, seals were drying out or shrinking or something. Thanks.

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1st off, assuming you do need a rack and pinion someday, take it to an independent shop. @ $1400 I bet they were selling you a brand new part. They are rebuildable and typically cost $100 - $250 exchange at an auto parts store. I'd think 1/2 - 1 day labor should cover it. If I'm correct about that the job can be done for 1/2 or less the price you were given.

If it's just a minor leak, you can leave it alone till it becomes a major leak, which could be never. Just check the power steering fluid level every once in a while. That's what I'd do with it anyway. jmo

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If my car, a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix needs has a leak from the rack and pinion, will I see the leak under my car when it is parked? I took my car in for inspection and it failed because they said I had a leak. They showed it to me, but they could have put some liquid on it to make it look like it was leaking. I had to pay them over $1,000 for the repair. They are working on it now, a midas shop in my area. Should I be concerned I am being taken advantage of because I am a woman? I had no issues with my car and did not know of this leak, no symptoms, until they told me it at the time of the inspection.

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i have a leak when i put power steering fluid in it leaks out they said the silver piece thats on the rack and hose is leakin. can i buy that are i have to buy the hose....

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I was told in December 2010 that I had EITHER a power steering pump problem OR a power steering rack/pinion problem, OR both. Together the cost would be $1200. No problems with either until today (late May) when i was told I had a steering rack problem fixable at about $700. I still have no evidence there's a problem. When I was first told i put more power steering fluid in my car and it's stayed full ever since. This tells me that IF I have a leak it's not coming from the reservoir. No oil on the concrete driveway.
What should I do? This is in my 2001 Mercury Villager minivan with 130,000 miles. The service engine soon light has come on, as it has before, but in the past it turned itself back off.

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