Hook for washcloths or scrubbies

presidentsdadMarch 21, 2012

Hey folks,

What do you folks use in your showers for handing bath scrubbies? The bundled, netted body scrubbers on a string? I have used suction cups in the past, but they never stay. Does anyone have opinions on classy looking chromed hooks for this purpose? Thanks for the help.

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They aren't particularly "classy" looking, but I didn't want to drill into my tile, so I found some small "brushed nickel" Command hooks for my washcloths. They look fine and I'm really happy with how they've held up. I put soaking wet, heavy washcloths on them and they've never come loose.

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I bought an extra robe hook that matched my faucets and put one in the shower so it looks nice.

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I have some plastic suction hooks. They have a "power lock" on them. I stick it on the outside edge of the pie-shaped shelf in the corner and then hang the net scrubbie from it. I like this set up because the scrubbie drips into the bottom of the tub, not down the tile and onto the grout. I've found that when wash cloths or scrubbies drip onto the grout, you will end up with a moldy spot there.

This has worked so well for me. Every once in awhile (not often) it pops off, but I just stick it back.

Here is a link that might be useful: power lock suction hook

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Thanks all! I found a classy (er) version of the Command Hook at Amazon that I won't have to drill into my tile!

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I use a Lupo Powerlock Suction Hook and it hasn't fallen off once. I love it because I can hang a rag over the top part, a scrubbie off the bottom part and if I want it will hold my razor. It's a little tricky getting it on but once you get it it's not coming off. It's not the most 'elegant' looking thing but then what suction hook is. But with my rag over it you can't really see it anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lupo Powerlock Suction Hook

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I had the same issue about half a year ago. I ended up going with the command hooks (thanks olychick!). I know you already decided...but for anyone else struggling, here's a picture how mine are:

Oh, and by the way, they're the command hooks using the water/wet area friendly strips (they're blue!). They've held up beautifully for the past 7 months!

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous thread on Pouf hooks!

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