Have you heard or used 'Power Maxx Vortex' ?

enquiringmindDecember 16, 2005

Have your heard or used Power Maxx Vortex ?

if so - do you think it stands up to their claim of the following benefits I saw from the eBay seller ?

(below is my copy/paste from the eBay...)

The Power Maxx Vortex Generator is much less expensive than any turbocharger or supercharger. Its proven design increases horsepower while lowering fuel costs, and is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee AND a lifetime guarantee.

Better Gas Mileage: The Power Maxx allows your engine to burn fuel more efficiently, resulting in mileage gains as high as 31%. With gas prices constantly on the rise, it will pay for itself in no time.

More Power:Â Whether you have a stock or aftermarket air intake system, you will see a power increase of up to 35 horsepower.

Smoother Shifting: Vehicles with an Automatic Transmission will shift smoother than before

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As far as I can tell, ebay already pulled this add. Which is a good thing IMO, stuff like this is junk. The closest it's going to come to increasing your fuel mileage is by making your pocket a little lighter.

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Another thing they forget to tell you is the tests were
done with " full open throttle " on a test track. That is the only way they can get enough air flow to get the
" vortex " to work properly. Not the thing normally done on a city or highway commute. A vortex " air cleaning "
system is very commonly used in commercial and industrial
engines with oil bathed air cleaners. All it does is spin
the dirt out which falls to the oil bath. I have one on my stationary engine for my generator. The motor is 30 years old so this vortex thing is not new. Someone just tried to reinvented the wheel. The vortex works best on a continuous
steady high R.P.M. not something the aveage car will do
with lock up transmissions and over drive. A car's rpm is too slow. One thing that puzzles me is how can you increase
H.P. without using more gas on a stock engine ? If i wanted more speed and H.P. i'd take my 500 holly carb off my engine and put on a 700 double pumper and it does come
with bigger fuel jets along with a bigger ventury. As John
says it best, Save your money. If this product was any good
it would be standard equipment on all vehicals.

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LOL! Put one in the tail pipe too to suck out the exhaust.

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thanks guys, for your candid advice.....
I am not the one who normally go and buy all the after market 'additives' or stuff .....
however, it is also nice that every once a while, to have some experts like yourselves confirmed what I believe in ....
which is - that most of the 'new advertised' stuff is not really what they claimed they were.......
btw - no thanks Gary, I had already spent enough money 'into' the car, I really don't feel like to spend anymore dough to get stuff out unless its absolutely necessary........... ho ho ho --- wish you all a happy and safe holiday.... :-)

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My dad put several different amazing gas saving devices on his car. Â The combination of fuel savings & the atom fuel generator started bulging the gas tank so bad that he had to put some bullet hole decals on the gas filler door for venting.

Vortex cooling is part of the design in some super and turbo' chargers for efficiency.

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Mikie said "Vortex cooling is part of the design in some super and turbo' chargers for efficiency"

I am familliar with "intercooling", which uses a radiator type component to cool the compressed air before it enters the engine.

There are many things that I don't know, and I am always looking to learn something. Taken at face value, I'm not ready to jump on the idea that a vortex in the air entering the engine will cool it. The two stumbling blocks IMO to this idea, is first where does the heat that the air is supposedly giving off go? Second, a vortex by description means you are spinning the air. It takes power to do that, because of friction, and the fact that the air has mass (which is very measureable). Friction causes heat, so my first expectation would be that adding some kind of a vortex would in fact be more likely to raise the air's temperature entering the engine.

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