is a gmc line different from a gm line?

mangotooDecember 15, 2008

So I'm thinking about buying a new pick up truck. I'm a Ford person because the 150 xlt I have now is great. It's a 2000 w/ 105,000 miles and is a 4X2. Regardless, this truck pulls my 4,000 pound boat out of the water and up a good ramp w/o spinning the tires. My reason for purchasing a new truck is perhaps an extended cab, and a 4X4. Way too expensive for me now.Saw the advertisement for a jimmy pick up new for $12,000.00! But I swore off GM because bottomline and as Wagner said himself, a poor product. One thing worth noting regarding GM. If the corp goes bankrupt and only operates in europe, domestic parts will be at an incredible premimum!But can anyone tell me is there a difference between a GM and GMC?

and how the bankrupcy will affect them? I'm absolutely convinced that CHEVY is genuine junk! My family car is the Chevy Astro. A 2000 w/ 130,000 miles. Needs work which I'm going to have completed but that's only because I don't want anything to do with the current market or the high payments.


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A GMC is a rebadged Chevy.Same truck with perhaps a few more options.But there not junk.Look around you see more Chevy and GMC trucks then any of the others.Nothing wrong with a Ford however there nice also.

As for GM going bankrupt.Getting parts should be the least of your worries.If it happens and I dought it does.We will be in sad shape and will not need parts when the country stands still.No job no money to spend and no need to go anyplace.It would not just be GM employees out a job.Many do not understand that.

You have a Chevy Astro that is almost 9 years old and has 130,000 miles on it.Yet you call GM junk?You say it needs work.I here this kind of story all the time.Ussually it needs tires or brakes.Or sometimes it is more serious problems but was not maintained well.There are exceptions however.Funny thing it is ussually on the internet and not real life.I can not think of a person I know who has a GM vehical who saids its junk!

Maybe you should stick with a Ford.But remember there standing with there hand out also.If they get there money.All the Tennessee imports will have there hand out also.There huge tax break will then not be enouph to keep them happy.

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gmc/ chevy truck, no diff. same truck. just like mazda and ford, same truck except for the name.

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Just venting a little. Had a bad experience with a GM. Wife's car with only 74,000 miles threw a rod and cracked the block. The car, a 1996 cavilere had multiple recalls prior. The foreign line of car with minimal service can turn the odometer at least three times if one doesn't abuse the engine. Car buffs perhaps like yourself, use to laugh at me for my chevy preference. When I listened to their complaints I understood why.

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I had several Cavaliers starting with a used 1987 that went to over 100,000 miles.I liked it so well I bought a new 1991 and then a 1994 then a 1999 and then kept the 1999 and added a 2002 we were a two Cavalier family then for awhile.

I no longer own a Cavalier but have a 4 cylinder 2007 Malibu the other Cavalier was traded for a Buick.

I never fell for the import line is better.Not saying they are not?Why would you want a Ford or GMC if you believe it?You should get that full size Toyota!''Besides it has bigger brakes''LOL

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Chevrolet builds cars and trucks. GMC builds trucks only. To some people that makes GMC a better truck than a Chevrolet. As another poster said, the pickups are identical with the exception of the badging and perhaps trim levels. jmo

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**Just venting a little. Had a bad experience with a GM. Wife's car with only 74,000 miles threw a rod and cracked the block. The car, a 1996 cavilere had multiple recalls prior.**

mangotoo, So you had bad luck with one. It happens to all cars. Follow the link to one of your wonder cars and see if it has any recalls. Odds are you'll be surprised at how many recalls there are. IMO a lot of that legendary foreign car quality is in peoples heads.

Here is a link that might be useful: recalls

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Here's more for you.

1. Which country can boast that their brands occupy 2 of the top 3 spots for long-term reliability?

Answer: United States.
Per J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, Mercury and Cadillac are in the top 3, along with Lexus. And in 2007, Buick was tied with Lexus for the top spot.

2. As of August 2007, which manufacturer had the most recalled vehicles in the U.S. for that year?

Answer: Volkswagen.
According to Bus iness Week, Volkswagen had the most recalls at this time a year ago. The second worst w as Toyota.

3. Pick the brand from each group that has the highest initial quality.
a. Answer: Cadillac (better than both Acura and BMW)
b. Answer: Mercury (better than both Honda and Nissan)
c. Answer: Chevrolet (better than Acura, BMW, and Mazda)
This is according to J.D. Power's Initial Quality Survey.

4. Which midsize sedan has the highest initial quality?

Answer: The Chevrolet Malibu has better initial quality than any competitor, including the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima. The Ford Fusion also beat all 3 Japanese competitors.
This too is fr om the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey, which also reveals that above average are American brands Mercury, Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Lincoln, and Buick. Below average are import brands Acura, Kia, Nissan, BMW, Mazda, VW, Subaru, and Scion (and several others).

5. Which large sedan has the highest initial quality?

Answer: Again per J.D. Power, the highest quality large car is the Pontiac Grand Prix, beating the Toyota Avalon. Two other Detroit cars that beat the Avalon are the Mercury Sable and Mercury Grand Marquis.

6. Which midsize pickup has the highest initial quality?

A nswer: The Dodge Dakota has the best quality for midsize pickups, proving that Chrysler too can beat the imports. Both the Dakota and the Ford Ranger beat the Toyota Tacoma.

7. Which car is the most economical overall?

Answer: Per, the premier automotive analysis site, the most economical car in America, taking into account not only mileage but all costs, is the Chevrolet Aveo. The Honda Fit is #3 and the Toyota Prius is a distant #34.

8. Which car did the Los Angeles Times describe as "a better car than BMW or Mercedes or Lexus or Infiniti"?

Answer: "Cadillac makes a better car than BMW or Mercedes or Lexus or Infiniti, and that car is the 2008 CTS. No other car in the mass market dares so much as this expressive and audacious bit of automoti ve avant-gardism." Dan Neil, LA Times.

9. Which company makes the winner of the 2008 "Green Car of the Year" award?

Answer: The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid is the winner of this award. How could a full-size SUV defeat the media darling Toyota Prius? Read the link below and you will discover, "What's equally eye-opening is that the Tahoe's 21 mpg city fuel efficiency rating is the same as that of the city EPA rating for the four-cylinder Toyota Camry sedan."

Did you catch that? A huge, full-size SUV from Chevrolet that gets the same city mileage as a 4-cylinder Toyota Camry!! Chevy obtained this remarkable achievement through the use of its 2-mode hybrid system, a technology that Toyota does not have. 008greencar/

10. Which car was selected by the North American automotive press corps as the "North American Car of the Year" for 2007?

Answer: Not only was the Saturn Aura picked by the automotive press corps as better than the Honda Fit and the Toyota Camry, "When a panel of 47 journalists named the Saturn Aura the North American Car of the Year over the Toyota Camry, the vote wasn't even close, 205-89." Chicago Tribune, 1/15/07

11. Which car won the same award for 2008?

Answer: GM again crushed the Japanese competition in 2008 when the Malibu received 190 votes to the Honda Accord's 95. The Accord actually came in 3rd since GM's other finalist, the Cadillac CTS, received 165 votes.

12. Whic h company had a luxury vehicle, a midsize sedan, and a large truck removed from the Consumer Reports recommended vehicles list in October 2007 because of mounting quality problems?

Answer: Toyota's much publicized quality problems resulted in Consumer Reports actually removing from their recommended vehicles list the Lexus GS luxury car, Camry V6 sedan, and Tundra pickup. This demotion occurred in October 2007.

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