Wishin' Table

phonegirlFebruary 19, 2011

Good Morning, I started setting this table last night with Spring on my mind. As the night went on and the snowflakes kept falling, I gave in and added some on this table. Wishin' it was Spring but knowing it's still winter in MT.

Took some pics w/o drinks or food and then with for a change. Not sure the food added what I had hoped for but DGD will be down tomorrow and needs to see I'm still using her faux bread she gave me.

Black for a Spring table?hum It was the plates and napkins that started it! Probably a little lazy too and didn't want to iron a new tc. I do think it would look better with a wht one.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I'm heading off to the benefit. It's 11 am to 11 pm so need to get outta here!


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Punk - That is a beautiful table. I really like it. If you had used a white tablecloth, you couldn't have used your snow flakes and they really look good. Now I am hungry and thirsty. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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That makes a really nice table. I like how you turned the placemats, and the napkins at a slant, and your polka dot ribbons. Black and white is just classy!


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Cute table, but like you I'm sick of snow. Now that our 14 plus inches has melted & it has warmed up to almost 60, they are predicting more snow & ice for us & colder temps!!!

I love the plates with the ribbon running thru them, will have to hunt for them this year at garage sales.

Napkins & flowered plates are really pretty too.

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This is a stunningly gorgeous table. It would be pretty with a white tablecloth, but not nearly as dramatic!
I love the black tablecloth.
I am also wishin for spring, but March and April are traditionally our snowiest months, so I know Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet!


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Punk...nice job on this table. I like the dark table cloth. It showcases your pretty plates - fabric placemats and napkins. I like how you mixed patterns too.
Are those candle holders Mercury? I've been looking for some large ones like that. Yours look so nice and are perfect for this table.
As much as I love what you did using snowflakes...
I'm really wishing for spring too. Although, you did add
the pretty daisy cp for a 'Springy Look' !!
We had the same weather as Yachter...warm that past couple of days..now frigid temps and more snow on the way...ugggg
Hope you enjoy the benefit...


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Same weather as you all above here, too...winter storm warning the next couple days...sounds like ice...hope it's snow instead (altho I don't like that either!)

So your WISHIN' table made me smile, punk! And I am WISHIN' those daisies were bloomin' in my yard right now! And WISHIN' those cool linens (napkins & placemats) were on MY table! And WISHIN' I had about 10% of your energy! LOL! Everything looks great! Love those flowered B&W plates!

Now I'm singing Dionne Warwick's song... Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying... TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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My thought was winter sunset! The candles with their sunset amber glow just reminds me of a winter sun setting. It's very attractive but anything black reminds me of GF making Batman cake, he is the guy with black suit & cape isn't he. She didn't know how much paste color to put in the icing & didn't call me to ask. That cake was really black & so was every kid's face & hands that was there,took several days to get DS back to normal as she used the whole container of paste color. After that only time I use black is at Halloween! Your table is lovely tho so may have to rethink that. Jan

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Beautiful table, Punk. Black and white is so striking. I really love the plates and napkins and placemats. What a cute idea to use your DGD's faux bread. The daisies are like a breath of fresh [SPRING] air.
It was in the high 50s here Thurs and Fri. It was 16 last night. We can get up to 6" of snow tonight YUK!

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Marylee, your so right, the snowflakes wouldn't of worked on a wht tc. Glad you enjoyed the drink and food.LOL

Pat, I have 8 napkins so used 4 as placemats. I had some wht lilies with black polka dots but forgot to add them to my daisies.Opps

Yachter, these dishes came from Ross or TJ Maxx. Hope you can find some ys too. I know I would buy more if I find some. We are still getting more snow today.

Candy, black is such a fun color to work with for sure. It goes with everything. The tc is a piece of satin material. I'm sure Old Man Winter will be with us for several more months. I have had to go dig up flowers the first part of June.

Jane, the candle holders are Mercury Glass from TJ Maxx. This is what all the enablers do to us! The benefit went very well. I now own a new Wallace Silver Tea Set, Waterford crystal and Seagull Pewter Wine decanter. We won't talk about what I spent but it was for a great cause. He was so upbeat and alot of special people showed up to shake his hand and chat.

Jeanne, the napkins were gifts from family last year and came from Ross. I used some for placemats. Now you have me singing Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying...

Jan, that is so funny about her using the whole jar of black paste for 1 cake. Did it taste alright? I've never liked the red velvet cake because it always tastes like food coloring to me.

Love the Winter Sunset thinking on this. Sounds nice.

Nana, did you get your 6" of snow last night? Your weather is to extreme! From 50 down to 16 at night. Guess we take what it sends our way.

I brought DGD home with me yesterday and she loved seeing her bread. We have played all day with babies.

Her parents are coming down for dinner tonight. I'm baking a ham and DGD requested mac & cheese instead of baked potatoes. We are going to make some struesel muffins and a tosed salad too.

Thanks everyone for all your comments on this table. I started this and never got back to it till now.


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It turned out really pretty Punk, although I noticed that you only added a "few" snowflakes! LOL I think black/white always look elegant. I sure like those little butter/candle dishes too, so cute.

Too funny about the black food paste, Jan. I can only imagine what all the mother's thought! LOL


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I love the daisies with all your black and white. I remember you getting most of the lovely things. I like the black table cloth just find. I'm sorry your winter is still hanging on. We camped this weekend with the temps in the 60s and 70s. Great table, I'm wishing some Spring toward you.

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I think you've combined your dishes and table linens beautifully. I have a black set of dishes and a white set of dishes, but lately I've been wishing that I had a black and white set. The napkins go perfectly with all the tableware. Love the flatware too.
Have we seen the pillar candlesticks before? Those are just super.
Keep those tablescapes comin'.

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Punk, The snow took a little longer to get here but we got 7" last night some places got more.
Oh well what can we do? Just keep WISHIN' and Hoping and Thinking and Praying....FOR SPRING!!!

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Luvs, The little butter dishes are part of my Princess House Heritage collection. We are still getting a few snowflakes and it's in the 20's. However they are predicting back to below zero towards the end of the week.

Frou, you went camping? That sounds like so much fun. DH was going to try to make it up to our cabin today but decided he didn't want to walk in. We usually don't try to go up until Apr. because of the snow.

OA, my kids each bought me a set of black and wht dishes when I started decorating tables here. Wish you lived closer and I could share. The mercury candle holders are new and part of my Valentine gift.

Nana, sooo True...One of my bros from WY called last night and he hasn't seen his ground since Nov. At least ours comes and goes here.

Thanks for the comments and I will try to catch up on all the post tonight. DGD came home with me after the benefit and spent the rest of the weekend. Spent most of my time playing with her but had the kids down for a ham dinner last night.


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Stunning table, Punk. Black and white is always so striking and elegant looking.
I'm WISHIN I could sit there... but then again I'd probably not let you mess up those pretty plates with food!

hugs, Karen

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Karen, wishin' you would come sit with us at our table! However, if I you were coming it would be a purple table to start for sure. Thanks for your comments and great to have you here posting with us.

DH had the day off and painted me some bright yellow chargers today. Almost think I need to get a taxi table set for them.haha Errr maybe a bus table.LOL


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Punk, it looks great! I've never been a fan of black tableware or decorations, but all the intricate white patterning you've used pulls this all together very nicely!

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