Right to repair debate

john_gDecember 12, 2007

In the Northeast, there is a pretty stong debate going on about service information.

Take a minute and read through this.

I'll explain later what it really means to the consumer.


Here is a link that might be useful: Maine Independent Tire Store Article

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I've read this artical and as usual i probably will get it
wrong. As i read, it looks like the education system down
there sucks the big one. Our instuctors at our tech schools
for automotive, gas, oil, diesle, housing, or anything that that school teaches are factory instructors and other
teachers are taught by the factory instructors. the small
car repair shops HAVE to have at least one mechanic sent
to school for up dates or they loose there certification
and in a few years are out of buisness. The dealer to this
date will NOT release info to the small shops.that info is
copy righted until the expiery date. I have two computers
in my stall. One for information to and from the tower and
the other is direct link to the factory. that one supplies
me with information for a problem car or drivability problem that can be up loaded to the car's E.C.M. This info will never be released to the private shop until after the copy right date or a tech from a factory authorized small shop attends the training course. The training is supplied in factory schools by factory trained teachers. Techs in dealer ships MUST attend these training courses or they are out of a job. the dealer tech is supplied with T.S.B.'s. I have the bottom drawer of my roll cab full of these. we get sometime 15 a day on one model only. no small shop ever sees these untill the car is off warrenty or you are a factory authorized shop. that is how we work anyway. everything is free to the techs and
shops and the schools are payed by our school tax. Small
tools,jumper pins, and directions are also sometime supplied by the schools at no charge. i worked for the
" general " for 7 years and was in school every 30 days.
Some sessions lasted 1 week with full pay. just one man's
input, John.

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