Irish Blessings from the Dining Room

phonegirlFebruary 23, 2013

Amazing how much one can collect and share each year.
I use to rearrnge my furniture all year long, now it's my decor!
I've went from setting tables to decorating at least the
whole dining room for every Holiday and some in between
Holidays! Awe, perhaps thats why this forum is called 'Holidays'
and not tablescapes.ya think?LOL

Must admit it keeps me out of trouble and I do enjoy time
spent at it. I used my shamrock ornaments again this year.
Oh and I used some of my green glass ornaments too for
added pretty green color. More of my Wedgwood Napoleon
Ivy dinnerware.

The other little leprechaun is hiding out in one of my bird cages,
eyeing the pot of gold coins. I went to buy a black pot but the only
one I found was $19.99. I wasn't about to pay that for a black plastic
pot! So I dug out my gold thing and added gr metallic grass and
gold coins. Worked for me.

TJ has her ladybug clover bib on. DGD brought this to me for her.
I had a couple of extra ladybugs so added them to her tray. The
little lights are set for green but didn't show up in my pictures.

DGD's kissing princess and frog are sharing this decorated
china cabinet.

TJ's hat is to small! Should of added them to her

Tea cart decorated.

I normally hang something holiday related above this buffet. I replaced this picture that use to
hang in our bedroom and kinda like it above this buffet for a change. Must be all the

May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten.


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Beautiful job on your China cabinet..those dishes look
so nice in there. Boy are you quick with changing all of your cabinets out for each occasions! You know, seeing your
Wedgwood Ivy plates up close, makes me realize that I had three of those plates and never paid attention to what they were...I donated them this Summer to GW! I should
pay more attention..ya think?
Nice green and gold touches on the buffet and the picture goes well with it all. TJ is a 'blast' to see ea time. She's
all decked out for the Holiday in a cute outfit and the tiny
hat looks adorable on her. Even your tea cart is all decked out and looking good. It must be such fun stepping into
your home each holiday - espec for your DGD!
There are so many cute touchs all over. She's gotta love going to DGMa's. It's like a fun 'Tea Party' each time!
I wouldn't be surprised if she starts
her own collections real soon

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Jane, sad you donated your Wedgwood Ivy
plates to GW. I can understand tho knowing you are
moving. I so plan to do some big changes this spring
and summer.

Thanks for the comment on the picture above the buffet.
Yah, not sure the picture will stay up when it's time to
decorate for Easter. DGD continues to wow me with her
interest in dishes. She does have several china tea sets.

Best get off here and do some cleaning or else head out
to shop!LOL I had a spot froze on the end of my nose
yesterday so better stay home & clean. Thanks so much
for all your comments and conversation today.


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Hey Punk...I had a spot froze on my nose last month!!
Ya think it's because we're hanging out in the same places?? LOLOLOL

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Punk and Jane, had to laugh at you BOTH getting frozen noses (at the doc's, not from the weather).

Punk, how sweet your little DGD already has tea sets. Tho I'm not surprised at your influence on her, she'll be a 'decorator' just like you I bet. I love her adorable kissing girl and frog. Too cute.

Everything looks wonderful, my favorite is the tea cart I think. You make it hard to choose tho. ;o)

I can't get over how fast you can change things and do so much in a short span of time. And make it look GOOD! If I worked that fast, it would probably look like an explosion at GW. LOL.

TJ is prepared for St Paddy. (I'm not telling Teagan!)
What a cutie your girl is in all her different outfits.

hugs, Karen

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Ohhh...what fun here tonight ...St P. day from you & purplemoon!

Well, 1st that lil' kissin princess & frog is just ADORABLE in your china cabinet! & it has nothing to do w/St. Pat's Day, right? You always amaze me how you can add something so diff & it looks so doggone good, Punk! Those Ivy plates are gorgeous & your green glassware...I barely see 'lights' ...but bet they are soft & warm in real life! I'm so happy you brought that china cabinet home cause I just LOVE all the change outs!

TJ looks cute as a 'bug' in a rug ...oh, she does have some bugs there ... so sweet! DGD has good taste!

That print looks great w/your gold candlesticks ... & those lamps. You just have too much fun, Punk & I'm so happy you share it here w/us!

& from what I can see of your table, it looks lovely ...that big white soup tureen is a fave! TFS! Jeanne S.

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It all looks fabulous, punk! I love the greens for decor and especially love the ivy plates. I just noticed how perfectly *neutral* all of the other colors are within the room! It is the ideal room to change out for each of the different holidays.

Seeing the 'princess kissing frog' statue reminds me of the old story....

A princess is walking through the garden when she stumbles upon a frog who tells her that a kiss from her would turn him into a handsome prince. The princess quickly reaches down, snatches up the frog, and stuffs him into her purse. The frog questions her... why wouldn't she kiss him to turn him into a prince?! She explains that princes are a dime a dozen, but a talking frog is worth a fortune! :O)

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Punk, I love your China Cabinet all decked out for St. Patrick's Day. Your Wedgwood Ivy Plates with the green glassware look perfect there.
The Princess kissing the frog is so cute, it is the perfect touch.

TJ looks adorable as usual. she really loves being part of the festivities,doesn't she? Your Tea Cart and Buffet look great.
Watch out for that leprechaun, though, they can really cause some mischief especially when there is gold nearby!
I love the painting over the buffet too.
Early last year I bought several pieces of Ivy china at a TS. I used them on last year's St. Patrick's Day table.
They look like yours. I never checked the maker.


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Well, this is just a reminder to everyone that they should always check the maker and pattern on their dishware. You never know when you might need a match!

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Karen, Jeanne, Party and Nana, thanks for all the sweet
comments. It's because of you I do what I do!LOL I'm so
thrilled to hear you have some of the same dishes Nana.
I will have to go look through the posts and find your table
from last year.

As Party mentioned, we always need to check out the
maker. After I get home and get mine washed up, it's
the next thing I do.


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Party, love that story....yep, a talking frog is definitely a better choice than a Prince I think.

hugs, Karen

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Party, forgot to mention the cute story. Gave me
a good laugh!


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Fabulous decorating and clever story!
I am so happy for you that you have so many different places to decorate (translate green with envy, which is an appropriate color choice for this holiday, don;t you agree??) LOL

I don't have any Ivy pattern dishes, but I guess I'm going to have to cut back on dish buying as DH is accusing me of being a hoarder!!

Rosemary missed out on a Valentine's outfit, but I did buy her a St. Patrick's outfit!! So she can join TJ in celebrating, LOL.


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Candy, we know we're hoarders but at least ours is all clean and in it's place.LOL I can't believe you haven't come across any ivy dishes to buy. Thats crazy with all you find.

I love Rosemary's new outfit you found. What size does she wear? I may get out more this year and come across something we can't live w/o for her.

Karen, my nose is looking worse all the time.LOL Hope these don't keep coming out. So was all those years of being brown and beautiful worth it?NONONO!!!

Jeanne, sorry I forgot to mention, your so good at finding what doesn't belong! You are right on again! Some nights I have so much going on it's hard to stay focused when posting.


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I too love your decorating. So smart of you to use the candle holders to elevate your items, looks great! TJ looks so sweet and I love the ladybugs on her tray. I've always envied your ivy plates, so pretty and perfect for this holiday and spring too. The kissing frog and princess really made me smile. Party, loved your story too--talking frog best way to go! LOL This was so fun, thanks for sharing Punk.


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Luvs, so glad you made it by to look. Sure hope you join in again one of these days. I always enjoy seeing your decor and painted projects. Thanks for taking the time to to share your comments.


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