Antique car question

marilyn_cDecember 13, 2005

I hope someone can help me, or tell me where to go for info.

I bought this old trunk at an estate auction. I just like old trunks...but was told that it came off of an antique car, back when cars really had trunks...instead of what we know today as trunks. Does anyone know what kind of car it could have come off of? Thanks for any info.

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One aftermarket company designed and built these initially as an this could fit any number of vehicles..
But, I am not positive this one was made for an automobile...
Just my opinion

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Thanks. I should have made a better pic of it, but I left it over at a friend's house.

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I think I found it. It looks the same as this one on the front, hinges open the same way and has a wooden floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: trunk

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