Oil on garage floor...

grittymittsDecember 2, 2009

Am noticing where oil has spotted carport under front portion of our '94 Fleetwood and wondering is it's actually an oil leak (looks like OIL.)

Courteous guy where I have car serviced says there is a dent in front part of oil pan. Because I'm a steady customer he cks tires, fluids, etc. at no chg every week or whenever I ask.

Yep, I bent it by running over a small esplande in shopping center to avoid an even older than me fella who apparently mistook accelator for brake pedal...his wife's face had a look of terror on her face as he barreled towards me.

DH, once extrememly knowledgable about mechanical things now has Alzheimer's so am pretty much on my own & before I take it in & they see a lil' ol lady & $$$ signs, I'd sure appreciate any/all opinions here. This car MUST be kept in good condition...was planned to be our last one.



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If its dark and right under where the engine is I would suspect its oil You say you have a dent in the oil pan? It could have bent the pan just enough where it meets the block and separated it enough to drip when the engines off. When the engines running, alot of the oil is going through all the passages in the block to keep it lubricated, when its off all of the oil runs back into the pan. I would either check the point at which the block and pan meet or have someone check it for you.

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A 15 year old car can be expected to leak some oil. Seals perish after time and some are costly to replace. If it only uses a dribble here & there you are best just keeping a regular eye on the oil level and top up where necessary. Place an old rug or put some sawdust down where you park if you are concerned about staining your garage floor but make sure there is nothing there to come into contact with a hot exhaust as that can be a fire hazard.

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No offence Suzi but let's get real here. None of us have seen your car and have no idea of what your problem is. We
can't see your oil pan. Take it to your man that you use to service your car. If he is as good as you say he or she is they will not rake you over the coals. You hit something. You know there is damage. A 1994 Fleetwood is not worth a lot of money. Our insurance company writes them off with $600.00 worth of damage. The car is 16 years
old. Bottom line. Have a qualified shop look at it.
Good luck.

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First the oil on the garage floor, that's easy to keep cleaned up with kitty litter. Sprinkle some on to the oil spot, and then sweep it up the next day.

The leak itself, have your regular guy take a look at it and ask him! I can preach all day about the value in him doing things for free, but simply don't have the time to. He needs to get grip on the fact that running a repair business and being successful does not balance when he does things for free. For one, your scared you'll be paying a lot. If he actually charged for everything that he does correctly, you wouldn't have to pay as much for the bigger repairs. The free things are subsidized by the real work in many cases. While it might be "free to me today" free has a cost associated to it that someone is paying somewhere. It could even come to pass that maybe the person doing the free checking for you has never been able to go to enough schools and to have all of the tools required to even repair this oil leak for you. When asked why, they are likely to admit, they cannot afford the tools nor the schools. Again, free isn't free there is a cost to it.

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