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treasurethedayMarch 10, 2013

I came across this picture of a make up vanity today on houzz and thought that it was so well designed that I'd share for anyone searching for ideas for a make up table.

Contemporary Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect W. David Seidel, AIA - Architect

Here's a wider view of the space...

Contemporary Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect W. David Seidel, AIA - Architect

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I think it's attractive, but not particularly well designed for actually putting on makeup. That's a closeup operation, and that mirror is much too far away to be able to do eye liner or mascara. Especially for us old blind people!

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Hmmmmm... In that case, I'd just use a piece of magnifying mirror.

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You must be either male (like the architect of that bath, which is like getting a kitchen designed by someone who doesn't cook) or have perfect eyesight, or not wear makeup! A magnifying mirror at that distance will not work for makeup application. It needs to be no more than 12" away. Closer, if you have vision correction for myopia. And then when old age and presbyopia hits, you would need even more magnification at about 14"-16" away. A mirror 21" away never works. And that is why smaller portable makeup mirrors are popular. Especially those with variable magnification.

I do really like the lift up top that conceals the ephemera, and a distance mirror never goes amiss. I just take issue with areas like this being termed a "makeup" area when they aren't usable as such by most of the population that actually wears the stuff. Not without accessory mirrors and lighting, that is. To that end, having that outlet within that recess to which a small accessory makeup mirror could be plugged into would makes the whole space more usable for sure.

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Wow, LWO, I was just passing along something that *might* be useful to some. Of course it won't meet everyone's needs... as it obviously doesn't yours.

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I've clipped this post. Looks great for me. It's going to be the same distance as a reg bathroom mirror. If I want to get closer, I'll just lean forward...

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even tho i don't use a vanity (i cannot do my hair or apply makeup sitting down!!!), i also think it looks like a good design... i like the lights, the depth of the space under the lift top, the outlet, and the 2 small drawers on the sides.
i would think if a person has vision issues or does alot of fine detail work, a fold open magnifying mirror could be kept under the lifttop! or maybe a pullout one could even be installed onto a corner of the lifttop mirror...
i would have builtin organizers made in part of the space under lifttop...

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Agree with LWO. It looks good, but wouldn't function for me at all (and I prefer to sit down when putting on makeup). Most of us serious about getting our makeup to look good need two things: 1) A magnifying mirror at a close distance and 2) good lighting. Both the mirror and lighting can be brutal in that they tell the truth, but that's what I need, at least in the privacy of my makeup zone. I use a small desk in my office and have little trays that I stash in the center drawer when I'm done.

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