Clio 1.2

alepetyDecember 16, 2006

Hi everyone!!. I am a new member.

I have a Clio 1.2 16v, and it spends a lot of fuel.


It has a small motor.

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How much is "a lot of fuel"? Give us a number like 'miles per gallon' or 'km per liter'. Maybe it burns much and maybe not. How can we tell?

It's a small engine, but if you are climbing hills and mountains in the lower gears at near wide open throttle, its fuel mileage will suffer.

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I think they're supposed to use high octane fuel.

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A lot of fuel for me is 9L per 100km.
What do you think??
I only do city driving if it can help

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In zeece coontree thats 26.13 miles per gallon. My Lemonzine weighs 5200 pounds unloaded (2359 Kg) and gets 22.1 miles per gallon (10.64 L/100km) around town with an automatic transmission. It has a big motor.

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That's pretty poor mileage on a car that should be getting around 40 mpg (6L/100Km) just based on class averages.

City driving gets low mileage because you're almost always accelerating and then stopping and then accelerating and then stopping. If you're driving a short distance, parking the car, and then coming back after a while, you're also starting the car "cold" quite often, which also isn't good for fuel mileage. Finally, you don't say if this is a new Clio, but some tires have high rolling resistance -- it takes a fair amount of energy just to get them to roll. Your Clio probably does not have high-performance tires, but the tires may be cheap and may not have very low rolling resistance. That can cost you a liter or two per 100 Km as well.

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