opinions please?

bill_hDecember 11, 2006

i`ve been in the market for a used ranger, found a 99 1 owner extended cab 4x4 loaded 4.0 auto. 71k on it, at a great price. trucks like new. owner has all receipts from all maintenance. all miles are highway. i dont know much about the 4.0 motor good or bad?? also not sure i want to take on a high mileage vehicle, but i like a bargain, and i only drive about 5k a yr. thoughts please?? should i go for it?

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71K is "high mileage"? That's the trouble with people today. They use up a vehicle and make sure it's junk by 80K miles, then throw it away and buy a new one. Oh well.
How can we tell if it's a good deal if you don't include the price? If it's $800, go for it!

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71,000 highway miles should be nothing. That's 10,000 miles a year and much better than 10,000 miles a year spent delivering pizzas or lab samples. It does depend on the price, but if all the records are there and you're not going to be driving much, it sounds like a no-brainer to me.

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My son has had one of those for the last couple of years. His is a v-6, don't know what it is in 'liters'. It's been ok for him but not great. It has a flex fuel engine that started to ping excessively last year. Running higher octane fuel corrects the problem, but I'm sure somethings the matter. It should run on regular. His heater core went out last year. That's not a cheep easy repair if the vehicle has ac, which his does. Have to remove the steering column, evacuate the ac, then remove the dash to the fire wall to get to it. Must be another one of Fords' better ideas. The ABS light came on. No big deal, it was the rear speed sensor. It had a rear alxe seal leak that contaminated the brake lining. I fixed that for him. It doesn't get that great of gas mileage either. I had a bare bones chev s-10 that got 33 + mpg. I bet his loaded ranger doesn't get 20. It's a nice truck and he likes it, but it hasn't been particularly cheep to operate or problem free as you can see.

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